Inlaid Cut Paper Botanicals by Kirk Fanelly

Cut paper botanicals by Kirk Fanelly
Artist Kirk Fanelly began creating Botanicals, a series of inlaid paper art, when he felt he needed a break from human subject matter and narration. We’re certainly glad he did so we can share with you his contemporary and colorful cut paper art of plants, trees and flowers. Read more

Dresses Made of Vintage Books and Comics Expose Stereotypes

Donna Rosenthal paper dresses

New York based artist Donna Rosenthal deconstructs old comic books, cookbooks, magazines, romance novels and more only to reconstruct them as dresses embellished with hand embroidery, lace and beading. By combining the content of the materials with pithy text on the bodices, she is making a statement, often humorous, about the effects of traditional and societal influences on the lives of women. Read more

Photography + Paper Engineering = Colette Fu Pop-Up Photo Books

colette fu pop-up books

Not only are the pop-up books by Colette Fu an extraordinary feat of paper engineering, but they are also an enlightening look at the artist’s own Chinese heritage and the people of China through her photography. Read more

Cardboard Pet Beds You Will Not Believe Are Cardboard.

Mimi de Biarritz Cardboard Pet Beds

I came across the talented work of artist and crafter Mimi de Biarritz in a recent New York Times’ T Magazine article about Kit Kemp’s seventh-floor pop-up store in New York City’s Bergdorf Goodman. The temporary outlet incorporated many of Biarritz’ one-of-a-kind items. Among her impressive paper art and objects I spotted two stunning pet beds, so I did a little research and wait until you see what I found. Read more

Pop-Up Houseplants That Don’t Require A Green Thumb.

houseplants pop-up book

No talent for keeping plants alive? No worries, that’s not necessary when it comes to this new lovely coffee table pop-up book by artist and photographer Daniel Gordon and paper engineer and designer Simon Arizpe. Read more

Chatty Feet Launches Paper Artist Sculptures

chatty feet paper artist sculptures

Chatty Feet, purveyors of fun socks for men, women and children, have just launched a line of fold-them-yourself Paper Characters: 6 world-known artists that when assembled become 3D models you can display. Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Day Details + 10 Coloring Books and Paper Dolls

Everyone’s abuzz about the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to American Meghan Markle. It’s nine short days away. Do you have everything you need for a Royal Wedding Watching Party? There are commemorative items up the wazoo. Coffee Mugs, Tea Towels, Bone China Tea cups and saucers, Tote Bags and more. But that’s just the start. Here are the details and photos of the events to take place on May 19th, followed by the most fun coloring books and paper dolls celebrating the upcoming nuptials. Read more

Michael Mapes Deconstructed & Reconstructed Pin-Up Girls

michael mapes pin ups

Michael Mapes Pin Ups.
As I looked through the three-dimensional assemblages of classic pin-up portraits by artist Michael Mapes, I had trouble containing my composure. With each enlarged detail, my jaw dropped further to the floor. Read more