IKEA Parody Product Manuals of Items That Don’t Work

ikea products that don't work

By now, most of the world has experienced IKEA. The amusement park of flat-packed furnishings from Sweden is prime material for parody and the latest, from visual artist Domenic Bahmann, is a series of hilarious manuals representing pieces that don’t work. Read more

Recent Work (and a Limited Edition Sculpture) by artist Johan Barrios

johan barrios recent work

Contemporary Colombian born artist Johan Barrios considers himself a figurative painter but not a portraitist. Despite the fact that his subjects are always humans, their faces are obscured and they exist in an unspecified location, transforming them into objects rather than subjects. The artist has an upcoming solo show at Denmark’s KIRK Gallery and we’ve got a look at some of pieces for the show as well as his new limited edition sculpture releasing today. Read more

The Ballpoint Pen Drawings of Helena Hauss

Ballpoint pen drawings of Helena Hauss

Remember those students who would doodle impressively in the margins of their three hole punch notebooks with a ballpoint pen? One of those talented folks was probably Helena Hauss. Exploring themes such as innocence lost, girlhood, nostalgia, rebellion and vice, the 29 year old artist wields a ballpoint pen like a magic wand, creating intensely detailed drawings. Read more

Promoting Mask-Wearing With Art by 18 Talented Artists

promoting mask wearing with art

Although there shouldn’t be any, there’s been a lot of controversy over the wearing of masks as PPE (personal protection equipment) to help protect people from contracting or spreading Covid-19. Despite the recommendations of just about every accredited scientist and medical professional, contentious examples of people who indignantly refuse to wear one are recorded on mobile phones and uploaded to twitter and instagram daily. Maybe some of these stunning examples of activist art promoting the wearing of a mask will help convince the uninformed. Read more

Curated Coloring From Milan. Artists Offer Up Line Art For You.

Milano Art Guide Coloring Book

To help make distancing and containment a little less burdensome in these challenging times, Rossella Farinotti and Gianmaria Biancuzzi created the The Milano Art Guide and invited contemporary artists from different generations to contribute to “The Coloring Book” – a collection of line art drawings by tons of artists that can be dowloaded, printed out and colored. Read more

Great Collection of Emory Douglas’ Revolutionary Art For The Black Panthers

Graphic designer Emory Douglas is best known for his inspirational and historically important revolutionary artwork created as the Minister of Culture for The Black Panthers from 1967-1980. Read more

Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To! A Dr. Seuss Parody Book

dr seuss parody book oh the meetings you'll go to!

Although written for one’s first foray into the work force, this parody of the Dr.Seuss classic “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” also makes a funny gift for those dreading their return to the workplace after the four-month long quarantine from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Read more

Kadir Nelson “Say Their Names” Cover for New Yorker Magazine

Artist kadir nelson say their names

If you’re still unaware of the work of talented artist Kadir Nelson, you won’t be for long. For years now, the Los Angeles artist has impressed with his paintings, illustrations, magazine covers and many beautifully illustrated, award-winning children’s books. Now take a look at his powerful newest piece, Say Their Names, created for the cover of the June 22, 2020 issue of The New Yorker Magazine. Read more