Promoting Mask-Wearing With Art by 18 Talented Artists

promoting mask wearing with art

Although there shouldn’t be any, there’s been a lot of controversy over the wearing of masks as PPE (personal protection equipment) to help protect people from contracting or spreading Covid-19. Despite the recommendations of just about every accredited scientist and medical professional, contentious examples of people who indignantly refuse to wear one are recorded on mobile phones and uploaded to twitter and instagram daily. Maybe some of these stunning examples of activist art promoting the wearing of a mask will help convince the uninformed. Read more

Great Collection of Emory Douglas’ Revolutionary Art For The Black Panthers

Graphic designer Emory Douglas is best known for his inspirational and historically important revolutionary artwork created as the Minister of Culture for The Black Panthers from 1967-1980. Read more

NASA Offers Beautifully Illustrated Mars Recruitment Posters Free

NASA originally commissioned these retro travel-style posters for an exhibit about their Journey To Mars program at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex. Read more

The 24 Coolest Movie Posters Belong To 23 Great Films

Company Folders is a printing service in Michigan who has a blog that, in their own words, “aims to educate, inspire, and enable you to create truly exceptional marketing collateral.” In one of their recent posts, they’ve rounded up what they feel are the 24 Coolest Famous Movie Posters of All Time and they are pretty darn spot on with their picks. Read more

Illustrated Double Feature Movie Posters by Derek Chatwood

Illustrated Double Feature Movie Posters by Derek Chatwood

Derek Chatwood, who goes by the online moniker of The Searcher, is a talented illustrator and game designer from Seattle. His illustrated double feature movie posters are both funny and clever, not to mention well-executed. Read more

How Paul Rand Changed American Design

how paul rand changed design

For a long time, and still now in certain circles, Graphic Design wasn’t considered ‘art.’ Corporate ID, logos, book covers, brochures, branding and the like were looked upon as a trade rather than an aesthetic talent. Rarely did one admire, let alone frame a brochure cover, an advertisement or other form of Corporate Identity. Designer Paul Rand changed all that. And now there’s an exhibit to prove it. Read more

Oscars Art Series: Artists Create Posters For The 87th Academy Awards.

Oscar series Art Posters

These are the types of things most people never see unless they really scour the Academy’s website. These commissioned poster designs by 14 worldwide artists and graphic designers were inspired by this year’s show and the phrase, “Imagine What’s Possible.”  The most shared designs of these will be featured on the Oscars red carpet tonight. Read more

Award-Winning Pictogram Poster Series Promotes Lingua Digitalis Books

pictogram posters promote books

These colorful pictogram posters were designed to accompany “Lingua Digitalis”, the third book in the worldwide published Lingua series, which exemplify global wordless understanding. These and all three books were developed by Mutabor Design of Hamburg. Read more