Duda Lozano’s Embroidered Patch Tattoos Are Mind-Blowing.

São Paulo tattoo artist Duda Lozano takes his inking a step further than the usual skull or floral portrait. He’s developed a way to make his ink look EXACTLY like three dimensional embroidered patches sewn directly onto the skin. And it’s mightily impressive. Read more

Laurie Simmons’ Some New: Portraits With Painted Clothes

Laurie Simmons portraits with body paint are part of the artist/photographer’s third solo exhibition at New York’s Salon 94 Bowery. The show, 2017:The Mess and Some New, features two components: The Mess and Some New. In this post I’m sharing with you the work from the latter – highly pigmented portraits of her children and others embellished with painted on jewelry and clothing. Read more

Cancer Survivor Jazmina Daniel’s Spectacular Lip Art

Make up artist Jazmina Daniel has quite a following on social media and once you see her impressive work and hear her backstory, I’m sure you too will become a fan. Read more

Painted Pregnant Bellies Celebrate and Support Moms (25 Pics)

Kate Winslet, one of the many celebrities who participated in The Belly Art Project

The CEO and founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely, celebrates and supports moms-to-be-with her latest endeavor: The Belly Art Project in which more than 100 baby bumps become billboards of hope by painting upon them. Read more

Meet Bodypainter Johannes Stötter

bodypainter Johannes Stotter

With many awards and titles to his name, bodypainter Johannes Stötter is well known in the world of body art. An instructor at the World Bodypainting Academy, Johannes’ animals made up of multiple humans are but a small part of his work. Read more

The Marvels of Nature Series by Body Painter Emma Fay

marvels of nature

The Marvels of Nature series by artist Emma Fay transforms contortionists into creatures chosen for their remarkable evolutionary traits. Read more

Inspiring Children’s Makeup For Halloween

Children's Makeup For Halloween

Christy Lewis from Daizy Design Face Painting creates fabulous makeups all year round, not just for Halloween. The talented New Zealand artist works events, birthday parties and more. Here are some of her adorable makeups for little kids to inspire you this Halloween holiday. Read more

Lennette Newell Ani-Human : Photos Combine Man and Beast.

lennette newell photography
above composite by if it’s hip, it’s here

Like several other talented photographers San Francisco-based Lennette Newell has a portfolio with beautiful photos of animals, both domestic and wild. She also has a knack for taking portraits of people with their own pets. But what sets her apart from other typical lifestyle, portrait and animal shooters, is her combining of body paint, humans and animals for a most unusual effect. Read more