Judith Schaechter’s Incredible Layered Stained Glass Art

judith schaecter stained glass art

When most people think about stained glass, the Romanesque and Gothic narrative panels in churches and synagogues are usually what comes to mind. Artists and architects have since explored the media, processes and techniques and pushed it far beyond Biblical themes. One of the most impressive living contemporary stained glass artists is Judith Schaechter, whose most recent exhibition, Path To Paradise, features over 40 pieces of her extraordinary work. Read more

These Glass Bonsai Trees by Simone Crestani Are Sublime.

blown glass bonsai trees

Simone Crestani has more than just a feeling for glass, he has a passion. Having learned the complex techniques of working with glass at a young age, he has since mastered the art, pushing the boundaries of the medium while maintaining a control that allows him to create objects of extraordinary and unique beauty. Read more

Campari Unveils Third Edition of “This Is Not A Bottle”

French design studio 5.5 has teamed up with Campari, the iconic red Italian Bitter, for their third and final time to create one last collectible coffret for the joint “This Is Not A Bottle” project. Here’s a look at the latest along with the two that came before. Read more

Snoop Dogg’s Pounds : Five Premium Glass Bongs

The Doggfather, your favorite pot-smoking, Martha Stewart-loving, artist, entertainer and businessman adds to his already beautifully packaged product line Leafs by Snoop with Pounds, a premium line of borosilicate glass pipes and smoking accessories. Read more

Dale Chihuly At The New York Botanical Garden – All The Glass Art!

Dale Chihuly at the New York Botanical Gardens

The New York Botanical Garden has become even more colorful and breathtaking thanks to more than 20 art installations by world-renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. Beginning Saturday, April 22, 2017 and running through Sunday, October 29, 2017, this sensory-filled exhibition at NYBG is a must-see throughout the changing seasons from spring through fall. Read more

GRAV Menorah Bong Gets Redesigned For Hanukkah, er Chronikkah.

Grav Menorah Bong

A few years back an all-borosilicate glass Menorah that functioned as a water pipe went viral when a video of it was posted on youtube. Since that time, the GRAV Menorah Bong, which functions equally well as both, has been redesigned for ease of use and scaled down for convenience. Read more

Edition van Treeck and Christian Haas: The Vice Versa Low Table

vice versa low table

The Vice Versa Low Table, a collaboration between the Gustav van Treek Studios’ Edition van Treeck and Christian Haas, combines modern furniture design with hand-blown stained glass that can only be seen via reflection. Read more

The Chambong, An Upscale Beer Bong for Bubbly.

The Chambong

Oh no they didn’t.
It’s not easy to guzzle champagne which I always thought of as a good thing. However a trio of guys in Washington felt differently. So for those who want to polish off a bottle of bubbly in record time, there’s The Chambong. A 6-ounce, dishwasher-safe, high borosilicate glass device used for the rapid and enhanced consumption of sparkling wine and champagne. Patent pending, of course. Read more