Porcelain Painted Cars by Chinese Artist Ma Jun

Painted with oil paints atop their fiberglass finishes, Contemporary Chinese artist Ma Jun has transformed a Porsche, a Buick and another sedan into modern versions of classic Chinese porcelain objects.

Miwak Junior Stoneware and Porcelain Artisanal Pipes

As the Cannabis Industry continues to grow, so do the companies producing high-end paraphernalia. Miwak Junior is yet another brand offering artisanal connector pipes handcrafted by Chilean artist Sebastian Boher with an aesthetic influenced by Pre-Columbian cultures.

Limited Edition Porcelain Mitsouko Bottle for Guerlain

Blending their history with craft, the House of Guerlain worked with the Arita Porcelain lab to create a limited edition bottle for their Mitsuoko perfume, which they have been making since 1919.

These Porcelain Barf Bags Are Sick Vases!

The Disposal Series is a collection of Air-sickness bags made of bone china that feature retro silk-screened graphics from Asian, Indian and Thai airlines.

Arctic Beasts Porcelain Plates by Tes-Ted and Esprit Porcelaine

Artist and designer Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi, founder of Tes-Ted studio in Paris, has collaborated with Esprit Porcelaine and Les Porcelaines de Limoges to create the Arctic Beasts Plate Collection.

3D Printing Meets 19th Century Porcelain: Modern Lithophane Lights

London-based designer Beth Lewis-Williams combines the romance of 19th century diffused lit porcelain lithophanes with today’s 3D printing techniques, contemporary urban scenery and the latest in LED lighting.

Tread Upon 100,000 Mini Porcelain Skulls To Ponder Your Legacy.

Ceramicist Nino Sarabutra asks you to ponder your life and your legacy with her “What Will You Leave Behind” installation which features a gallery floor covered with more than 100,000 miniature porcelain skulls upon which you are supposed to walk.

Modern Porcelain Christmas Ornaments For a Truly White Christmas.

I just love the simplicity of these beautifully modern porcelain Christmas Ornaments. Handcrafted by Kina Gorska of Kina Ceramic Design, they add a touch of elegance – or whimsy – to your Christmas tree, depending upon which you prefer.