Pantone Launches Some Seriously Good-Looking Accent Furniture

Pantone, the world’s best known name in color printing and matching, was once an insider secret for people in the advertising, design and marketing community. It has since become known world-wide with the introduction of items for the home, beginning with Pantone coffee mugs. The global brand has launched multiple licensed items for the home […]

Pantone Foodmood: A Color Inspired Cookbook

The world’s foremost authority on color, Pantone has managed to move their brand from a printing industry-only Color Management System to a household name with their Annual Color of The Year and their slew of licensed Pantone Universe products for the home.

Pantone Launches Their First Lighting Collection for the Home.

Working with Denmark-based e3light, Pantone has introduced lighting for the home with the Pantone Coll.One. The line consists of drop pendants, pendant lamps, lampshades, a table lamp, a floor lamp and a flush mount light, all of which are clean minimalistic design.

Pantone Names Purple Love Symbol #2 After Prince & His Piano.

The Prince Estate, alongside Pantone Color Institute™, the global color authority, has announced the creation of a standardized custom color to represent and honor international icon, Prince.

Kakkoii Qb Pantone Speakers are Music to Your Ears. And Eyes.

Qb Pantone by Kakkoii is a tiny, colourful and extremely portable wireless speaker. Made in collaboration with Pantone Universe, kakkoii has created this tiny cube for you to take music wherever you go. Available in 5 Pantone colors.

Pantone Inspired Smoothies (and the recipes)!

There have been more Pantone-inspired projects and products than you can possibly image. But here’s one that benefits the tummy as well as the eyes.

A Pantone Cafe Pops Up In Monaco

Pantone has opened a temporary pop-up cafe on Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. The Monaco Restaurant Group is behind the colorful cafe that serves color-coded coffee, croissants, Italian sodas, sandwiches, foccacia, snacks and homemade ice cream throughout the day.

Nick Smith’s Psycolourgy. Fine Art Done With Custom Pantone Chips.

Artist Nick Smith’s first solo show, Psycolourgy, at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery features his impressive recreations of masters’ paintings with custom individual Pantone Color Chips. Nick has re-worked pieces from several major artists including Francis Bacon, David Hockey, Leonardo da Vinci, Rene Magritte, Claude Monet, Edvard Munch, George Stubbs, Johannes Vermeer, Vincent Van Gogh, and […]