From Turtles To Terriers, 3D Printed Likenesses Of Your Pet.

3D Printed Likenesses Of Your Pet

We all love our pets, whether they are lizards or labs. Each is unique to us, their expression, the way they sit, their favorite toy or embarrassing outfit. Now there’s a company that will capture an impressive likeness of your non-human child in a color 3D printed model made of a sandstone-gypsum specialty blend.

Full color, 3D printed models of your pets -from guinea pigs to horses- are available in your choice of three sizes. They are 100% customizable, capturing their distinct personality, markings, or funny traits.

Whether you want a representation of your fur baby on your desk at the office, to memorialize a departed loved one or to embellish your mantel, Pet Prints 3D will create it from an uploaded photograph in approximately three to four weeks.

These are not life-sized creepy sculptures but small, detailed models. Small sizes are approx. 4″ tall or wide upon average, medium sizes are 6.5″ (sitting or standing) to 7.5″ (lying down) and large are approximately 9″ in height. Below are the models next to objects for reference.

These don’t come cheap, but then again, they’ll never need to be fed or groomed:

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