Adorable 3 Year Old Spider-Girl Rose Captures Our Hearts

3 year old Spider-girl Rose hero

Whose your favorite Spiderman? Tobey Maguire? Andrew Garfield? Tom Holland? We found ours and it’s 3 year old Spider-Girl Rose.

3 Year Old Spider-Girl

Photos of this adorable miniature superhero, 3 year old Spider-girl Rose (with puffs to die for), have been going viral since posted yesterday by her mother who is also a professional photographer.

Taken by Rae’s Bleu Rose Photography and posted on their social media accounts with the message “Happy 3rd Birthday Spider-Girl Rose” are three of the cutest photos you’ll ever see.

In addition to the fabulous casting, perfect fitting suit and impressive poses, its also some of the photographer’s best work. And the model is the youngest of the photographer’s own three beautiful little girls; Rae, Bleu and Rose.

The photographer’s beautiful three daughters, Rae, Bleu and Rose.

The images, posted yesterday on Facebook and Instagram are being met with thousands of comments by adoring fans and other parents whose children are obsessed with the comic book superhero.

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