Cindy Sherman Selfie Fun On Instagram

Artist, model and photographer Cindy Sherman has been having a ball on Instagram posting selfies she distorted with the Facetune app and with the Youcam Makeup App. It appears the fun began on May 12th with a fairly mild version captioned with “New app Facetune. #notyourusualselfie” But since then she has pushed them (as she does with much of her work) beyond the odd and into the disturbingly delightful. Read more

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Michel Gondry’s Détour and His Six iPhone Tutorials

Détour is a new film by Michel Gondry that was shot entirely on the iPhone 7 Plus. The short follows the adventures of a small tricycle as it sets off along the French roads in search of its young owner and is accompanied by six iPhone tutorials that give us shooting tips. Read more

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Custom Watercolor Map Mobile Phone Cases

This is such a cool product and process! Jace Design teamed up with Stamen, a world-leading provider of data visualization and mapping design, to create a way for you to choose any location in the world and have it rendered in watercolor for your Apple, Samsung or Pixel mobile phone case. Read more

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Snap Launches Spectacles Camera-Integrated Eyewear


Snapchat, the popular social media app, has changed their company name to Snap, Inc and has just launched their first piece of hardware, a totally new type of camera. It’s a small wireless video camera embedded in sunglasses and they call them Spectacles. Read more

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The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience Lets You Rock With Queen

The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience

Google Play worked with Enosis VR to bring Queen’s world to life in an interactive visual narrative, The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience. The virtual reality experiment invites you to experience the monumental Queen track like never before. The 3D, 360 degree journey features interactive elements and spatial sound, allowing you to step inside the music. Read more

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Jeff Koons X Google Live Nexus Cases

One of the world’s greatest contemporary artists, Jeff Koons, has partnered with Google to offer three different limited edition designs for the Nexus Live Case line. Read more

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All About The New Apple iPhone SE.

all about the apple iphone se

As the major smartphone manufacturers continue to enlarge their phones, Apple zigs when others zag. Their newest,  the Apple iPhone SE,  has been reduced in size back to the exact dimensions of the iPhone 5 (and actually weighs a gram more), but now with a 4″ retina screen and other technological goodies. Read more

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The Color-Changing, Device-Charging, Fashion Accessory, Must-Have Handbag.

vanderwaals color-changing handbags

VanDerWaals handbags are much more than a fun fashion accessory. The handbags can change color with the swipe of a finger thanks to a simple mobile app and because the purse is outfitted with an invisible long-lasting internal battery, it can charge your portable devices as well. Read more

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The Plug-In ORA Pod Charger Gets Rid Of Those Darn Dangling Cables.

ORA Pod charger

Industrial designer Albert Shane has created the ORA pod, a convenient stylish portable wireless charger and adapter for Android, Windows and iPhone users that lets you simply plug your device directly into an outlet. Read more

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Google Maps’ April Fools Pac Man Edition: Rules, Tips and Hints To Play

google maps becomes pac man april fools IIHIH

You’ll find that the classic arcade game PAC-MAN has appeared within Google Maps – with the streets as your maze. For a short period of time, Avenues and Boulevards have turned into a playing field for the 80’s game and you have the option to chase the dots and outrun the ghosts as Google’s April Fools gift to you. Read more

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