Airfix Build Your Own Valentine!

I was remiss in not posting this fun card inspired by Airfix scale model kits, a collaboration between Rich Storey Designs and JollySmith Design earlier this month so you could purchase it in time for V-Day. However, you can still enjoy the fun graphics and cool design. Buy it for next year!

All cards are printed in the UK from a sustainable source and supplied individually packaged in a cello bag with a white envelope.

buy it here

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10 Ways To Wish Brody & Carrie A Happy Homeland Valentine’s Day.

 A Happy Homeland Valentine's Day

What do the television show Homeland and Valentine’s Day have in common? While the award-winning Showtime drama may have more in common with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre than the day of hearts and cupids, copywriter Deanna Director and designer Caroline Director have had some fun combining their love of both to create some funny (and punny) cards to celebrate. Read more

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How The World’s Best Selling Valentine’s Day Candy, Conversation Hearts, Are Made.

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day. When happy shiny couples give one another cute warm fuzzies while the rest of the world either remains hopeful or bitterly dejected. Either way, one can’t get away from the classic “Sweethearts” by Necco come mid-February. From the candy to Keds, iPhone apps to fragrances, talking hearts abound. Read more

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