GIRLS Actress Jemima Kirke Paints Women in Wedding Gowns

Self-portrait as a Bride #1, 2015, Oil on canvas, 22 x 18 inches

Three years ago this month, I introduced you to the paintings of actress Jemima Kirke who played Jessa on the HBO series GIRLS. The award-winning written cable series may have ended, but Jemima continues with her first love, painting, in her Red Hook, Brooklyn art studio. Read more

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Scott Listfield’s Astronaut Lands In LA in 1984.

Scott Listfield, “Born In The USA” (2018) Oil on canvas, 10 × 10 inches

Along with several of my quirky passions I have a love of all things astronaut, so it’s no surprise that painter Scott Listfield is one of my favorite contemporary artists. Listfield has a new show featuring some of his most recent work on view at Thinkspace’s 2018 project room. The exhibit, entitled 1984, features paintings of a single astronaut, a recurring them in Scott’s works since 1999, who appears to have landed in Los Angeles. Read more

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Everything Loose Will Land In LA | New Work from Paul Davies

Artist Paul Davies has a new an exhibit at Sydney, Australia’s OLSEN Gallery featuring original paintings and digital collages on which he’s been working for the past three years. “Everything Loose Will Land In LA” opens today August 30th and runs through September 17th. Read more

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Victor Solomon’s Literally Balling

Victor Solomon’s series “Literally Balling” capitalizes on the level of cultural dominance achieved by the sport of basketball and its stars. By recreating basketball hoops and backboards with appropriated luxury materials he satirizes the religious devotion to the sport while simultaneously commenting on the fragility of luxury. Read more

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23 Year Old Artist Delfin Finley’s First Solo Show Is A Huge Hit

He’s young, black and supremely talented. Delfin Finley is the brother of gifted artist/muralist/photographer Koshin Finley and son of LA’s Renegade ‘Gangsta’ Gardner Ron Finley. His first solo show Some Things Never Change has introduced him to the art world and they are fully embracing him by buying up his pieces left and right. Read more

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Alex Blas: From Barbie Couture To Figurative Painting

Paintings by Alex Blas

I just recently learned of fashion designer Alex Blas’ paintings. I had no idea he was a figurative painter in addition to designing high-end fashions for both people and Barbie dolls for almost a decade now. But he is. And one whose work you ought to see. Read more

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Terry Leness Paintings: Stylized Suburbia and Old Motels

I was immediately drawn to the work of painter Terry Leness. Void of human figures, her paintings of suburbia and commercial buildings have an eerie calm. Her stylized realism combines long shadows, vibrant colors and the quiet stillness of an abandoned town. Read more

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The Penis Wall Is An Interactive Wall Of Waving Willies by Peiqi Su.

The Penis Wall Kinetic Structure

The Penis Wall, a kinetic sculpture by artist Peiqi Su, is made up of eighty-one 3D printed penises that each have six segments driven by servo motors. Equipped with an ultrasonic distance sensor, each unit can respond to a viewer’s movements. Moreover, the Penis Wall can also be used as a display to represent data. For instance, the waving willies can be synched with fluctuations in the stock market. Read more

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Wild, Weird and Wonderful Porcelain Sculptures by Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang Porcelain Babiesabove:Johnson Tsang, Splash of Wonder XII, porcelain

Sculptor Johnson Tsang of Hong Kong has a large repertoire of porcelain works. His vast range of pieces includes what he refers to as “his babies.” Chubby sculpted infant heads and full bodies in whimsical installations and unusual compositions. Words cannot do them justice, take a look at the following photos. Read more

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