Cindy Sherman Selfie Fun On Instagram

Artist, model and photographer Cindy Sherman has been having a ball on Instagram posting selfies she distorted with the Facetune app and with the Youcam Makeup App. It appears the fun began on May 12th with a fairly mild version captioned with “New app Facetune. #notyourusualselfie” But since then she has pushed them (as she does with much of her work) beyond the odd and into the disturbingly delightful. Read more

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Gucci Goes To Outer Space With Their New Ad Campaign

Ray Harryhousen and Gene Roddenberry would love Gucci’s latest campaign, Gucci and Beyond. The theme behind the luxury brand’s 2017 Fall Winter collection and ad campaign was inspired by retro Sci-Fi in which the video and print ads feature Gucci clad models interacting with extra-terrestrial creatures and dinosaurs. Read more

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SFMOMA’s Send Me Answers Questions With Art

SFMOMA's Send Me

The San Francisco MOMA has been flooded with texts that they respond to with an image from the Northern California Museums’ entire collection. “Send Me SFMOMA” is your guide to the art housed in the newly renovated museum. Ask for a color, a subject, a feeling and your text will receive a response with an image from the art collection. Read more

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Making Internet Trolls Literally Eat Their Words.

The brainchild of Kat Thek, Troll Cakes Bakery & Detective Agency is a NYC-based startup that sends internet trolls (people who intentionally post offensive comments on the web) a cake decorated with their own mean expressions so they can literally eat their own words. Read more

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Meet Kirby, The Jenner You’ve Never Met.

Have you met Kirby Jenner? He’s the unknown fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner. At least on Instagram and Twitter. And he’s the funniest thing to happen to the Kardashian / Jenner clan since they became the reigning family of reality tv and social media. Read more

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Why I Won’t Unfriend, Unfollow or Block Those With Differing Political Opinions

Why I Won't Unfriend, Unfollow or Block Those With Differing Political Opinions

A lot of people unfriended or blocked those with opposing views on social media regarding the 2016 Presidential election. Unable to stomach their political rants, points-of-view or beliefs, fingers hit the ‘unfollow’ and ‘unfriend’ buttons daily, reducing their exposure to values that were painfully in contrast to their own. Here’s why I have not. Read more

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Paralleles Paris Musées – Museums Ask Instagrammers To Recreate Art

Paralleles Paris Muse?es

To promote the newly launched website of Paris Museums (Paris Musées), bloggers, artists, influencers and designers on Instagram were asked to participate in their Paris Musées’ Parallels project. The Instagrammers were tasked with the recreation of a an artwork from their museum network and tag them Paralleles Paris Musées (#parallelesparismusees) Read more

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Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You: Scout


Meet Scout. Scout has a talent that has led to his own book. With an uncanny ability to balance just about anything on his head, the rescued pitbull has proven that patience and posing have their own rewards. Read more

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