Easter Treat: Pups and Peeps

I recently came across these adorable images deep within my computer that I had pulled several years ago for a project. Although the project never came to fruition, these great shots of Pups and Peeps (both the marshmallow treats or the plush toy version) make the perfect Easter Treat.

Pups and Peeps

pups and peeps
Leroy, photo by @mybrownnewfies

Unfortunately, I don’t have all the proper credits for these great photos, so if you know to whom I should attribute these, please contact me and I’ll be happy to add the information. Now prepare yourself for some serious cuteness.

photo by Eric Matthes
photo from daily puglet
photo by @bingandwalter
photo by http://foodonmydog.tumblr.com
photo by @sydney.k.doodle
photo by Kate McKenney
photo by @bossybootsbelle
photo by Jenny Lewis
photo @talesandtails
image: facebook.com/sodoggonefunny

Great photos for whom I have no credits (please contact me here if you do):

Happy Easter!

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