Light That Menorah With Chanukah Candles For A Cause

Jews everywhere will be lighting their menorahs as they celebrate “The Festival of Lights” for 8 evenings in a row beginning on Tuesday December 12th of this year. The menorah is meant to burn nightly for 8 nights and that means burning through a lot of candles. 45 to be exact. Read more

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Matzo Madness from Balls to Dolls

Matzo (also referred to as matza or matzah) is an unleavened flatbread that is part of Jewish cuisine and forms an integral element of the Passover festival. “The bread of affliction” has numerous explanations behind its symbolism, one of which is historical: Passover is a commemoration of the exodus from Egypt. Over time (in this case, we’re talkin’ centuries), matzo and matzoballs have become a pop culture icon and are now available as numerous novelty items. Read more

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Get Cozy Kosher Style With Hanukkah Pajamas for Pet Lovers

Pet-lover Pajamas for Chrismukkah! The Hanukkah Cat and Hanukkah Dog cotton pajama sets from PJ Salvage are as cozy as they are cute. And with the start of Hanukkah (or Chanukah) beginning on Christmas Eve, it’s time to get that shopping wrapped up -literally and figuratively. Read more

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Dinosaur Menorahs Keep The Chanukah Tradition From Going Extinct

Lisa Pierce of Maine’s The Vanilla Studio has taken the centuries old tradition of the Chanukah Menorah and added a touch of even OLDER history to the candelabra by creating them from Jurassic Era creatures. Read more

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Mensch On a Bench Gives Elf On A Shelf Some Company.

mensch on a bench hero alt IIHIH

Originally I was going to title this post “Mensch On A Bench Gives The Elf On A Shelf Some Competition.” but given the relatively small amount of Jews and the growing number of mixed marriages, ‘company’ was a more appropriate term for the new holiday combination book and toy. Read more

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A Sol Lewitt Modern Art Yarmulke For Artsy Fartsy Jews.

Not that it’s on the top of everyone’s shopping list, but it ain’t easy to find an interesting Yarmulke or kippah (the skullcaps that are worn by Orthodox men or other jewish men in synagogue or during prayer). Most of them are the familiar navy blue velvet with metallic stitched stars of David or, if you want to be a rebel, there’s the creepy colored hippie-like crochet ones. Once upon a time Jonathan Adler carried a pretty cool one, but he no longer carries it nor is it sold anywhere else.

But now you can be sporting an original piece of contemporary art by the late Sol Lewitt on your capi (that’s Yiddish for ‘head’).

This four-panel leather kippah features a digital print of the Star of David that is inspired by the ark doors Lewitt designed for the Connecticut synagogue Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek in 2001.

Lewitt co-designed the Connecticut synagogue with architect Stephen Lloyd and the synagogue tried repeatedly to translate the radiant, geometric design the artist made for the ark doors into the convex form of a yarmulke. When the design was finally achieved it sold out almost instantly and since then there have been six more editions including this one which is the 7th and final.

Each edition varied in trim color and the color of the inside fabric, but all shared the same six-pointed star design, a common motif in the late artist’s work. The 7th edition design features a bright blue trim and a gray interior with the edition details in gold lettering. It is an open edition.

$36, buy it here

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Over 220 Beautiful Modern Menorahs (The Updated Megile Modern Menorah List.)

Modern Menorahs 2013 hero IIHIH

Seven years ago, I began compiling an annual list of beautifully designed and unusual modern menorahs for those who wanted to participate in the tradition of the nightly lighting of the candles in observance of Hanukkah (or Chanukah) without an old style or traditional Hanukkia or Menorah. Read more

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The Menurkey – A Thanksgivukkah Candelabra Created By A 9 Year Old.

above: glazed textured Menurkey shown

Although I won’t be adding it to my carefully curated list of modern menorahs, the Menurkey is something us Jews celebrating Hanukkah this year ought to at least know of. Read more

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Let My People Drink. Moses Kosher Vodka.

moses vodka hero ALT IIHIH

Since most Jews are in the midst of celebrating Passover this week, I thought it might be a good time to introduce you to Moses Vodkas. Pure in spirit and true to the laws of the Jewish faith, Moses Vodka is the first ultra premium vodka certified kosher all year round. Read more

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