Light That Menorah With Chanukah Candles For A Cause

Jews everywhere will be lighting their menorahs as they celebrate “The Festival of Lights” for 8 evenings in a row beginning on Tuesday December 12th of this year. The menorah is meant to burn nightly for 8 nights and that means burning through a lot of candles. 45 to be exact. Read more

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False Idols We Worship Available As Pop Culture Prayer Candles.

Handmade in Fullerton, California, these Fan Art Prayer Candles are some false idols I don’t mind worshipping. From Tupac to Willy Wonka to The Golden Girls, Kerrin Piche Serna turns many of our favorite Pop Culture Icons into parodying prayer candles. Read more

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Scented Soy Candles For Pop Culture Fans

Highland Bluff Studio of Tennessee makes and sells natural soy wax candles in jars featuring icons and scents from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Read more

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Vellabox: Artisan Candles Delivered Monthly

I’m a huge candle fan. And a candle snob. I like non-toxic candles that burn clean, smell good and look good too. The folks behind Vellabox, a reasonably priced, curated candle subscription company, clearly feel the same way. Read more

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Creative, Cute, Creepy and Cool Candles from Eye Candle Studio

eye candle studio

You’ve seen novelty candles before. They are usually fun shapes that burn poorly and have no scent. But the Eye Candle Studio has taken shaped and molded candles and turned them into stylish, scented, paraffin wax candles and accessories that raise the bar for the category. Read more

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Candles In Cool Containers from Oliver & Co.

Oliver & Co Candles

Let’s face it, when buying upscale candles, you know you’re paying for the container as opposed to the wax, essential oils and rope wick- which run about 60 cents per candle. And with some candles costing up to hundreds of dollars from brands like Missoni and Fornasetti, I hope you like the container enough to keep it after you’ve burned the candle within. Read more

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Utopia Candles from School of Life are Full of Thought and Scent.

Utopia candles Hero ©IIHIH

Utopia Candles from The School of Life are beautiful candles in matte black ceramic candle pots inspired by Le Corbusier’s architecture, Henry David Thoreau’s idyllic Walden Woods and Plato’s philosophy. Read more

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