The Story of Seinfeld’s Festivus and 20+ Festivus-Related Products.

Festivus, The Holiday For The Rest Of Us“, comes from the tenth episode of the ninth and final season of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. Named “The Strike“, it was the 166th episode of the long running series and aired on December 18, 1997. This was the episode that featured and popularized the holiday of Festivus. So much so, that new products continue to honor the TV-born Holiday whose fans and followers continue to grow. Read more

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Tiffany & Co Everyday Objects Make The Mundane Magnificent

Tiffany & Co has launched a collection of unremarkable objects ranging from paper plates to pencil sharpeners, only they are handcrafted in sterling silver, tiffany blue enamel and wood, turning them from typical every day objects to functional works of art. Read more

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Moodtown Design’s Cool Stainless Steel Dog Key Chains

These fully handmade, frosted-finish dog breed keychains are made with origami-like sculptural shapes of high quality stainless steel after 1550 degree Celsius casting by China’s Moodtown Design. And they are beautiful. Read more

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Never Wonder Where That Damn Phone/Key/iPad/Clicker/Dog Is Ever Again.

Despite the promise of technology making our lives easier, much of it has made our lives more complicated. That includes misplacing much of the technology itself – such as your mobile phone, your universal remote, your keyless car fob or your wireless tablet. But thanks to the TrackR Pixel, a self-adhesive, illuminating quarter-sized bluetooth locator, you can spare yourself that frantic search the next time you can’t find something. Read more

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More Jesus Novelty Gifts Sure To Send Me To Hell

I most assuredly offended people when I shared with you the Hipster Nativity Set this year. Well, don’t forgive me yet because these Jesus inspired gifts for 2016 will not absolve me of my past sins. Read more

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Fontastic Christmas: 10 Great Gifts for Type Lovers

Letters, numbers and punctuation are more than just glyphs to lovers of typography. And there’s a lot of us out there as you can tell by the following fontastic products. If you know someone who appreciates font design, here’s a round up of ten great gifts for type lovers. Read more

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Imaginarte Niceballs, the Squeezable Scrotal Sac from Spain

Imaginarte Niceballs

We’ve all seen stress balls. You know, the little foam things you squeeze to release tension? Well, I bet you’ve never seen any like these. Introducing Imaginarte Niceballs, the squeezable scrotal sac from Spain. Read more

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10 Adorable Artsy Limited Edition Victorinox Pocket Knives

Victorinox 2016 Limited edition collection

The Victorinox 2016 Limited Edition Collection of the world’s most handy pocket knife, is a result of crowd-sourcing. After receiving hundreds of design submissions, they narrowed down the pool of ideas from 1,022 to 40 and then let Victorinox fans around the world choose their favorite. Here are the top ten selections that have been produced. Read more

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Hip Gift Guides For Every Person, Place and Pet.

Hip Gift Guides

We’re coming down to the final days for holiday shopping. If you’re like a large percentage of people, you’re a last minute gift-giver. These hip gift guides, which link directly to the products online, should help. Read more

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Sharp & Blunt Pencil Sets Are The Complete Package.

Sharp & Blunt pencil sets

Beautifully boxed Sharp & Blunt pencil sets from the UK’s Urban Graphic are the complete package. Funny and well-designed, they’re as much a conversation piece as a writing tool. Read more

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