Three Guys Figure Out Our Internal Biological Clocks & Win Nobel Prize

It’s been announced that the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology (or Medicine) was awarded to three guys whose discoveries explain something long suspected. That we humans adapt our inner clock (the one that regulates sleep, hormones, body temp, metabolism and behavior) so that it’s in synch with the revolutions of the planet. Read more

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Jigsaw Blood Drive Posters Oppose Gay Donor Regulations


The last “Saw” movie from the horror franchise was released by Lionsgate in 2010, and if you’re a reader of this blog, you might recall that we shared the ALL the movie’s wild Halloween Blood Drive Posters, a marketing gimmick that proved very successful. This year the Saw movie franchise returns as “Jigsaw” (SAW VIII) opening in theaters on October 27th, and the annual blood drive returns as well. But this time, it’s protesting the restrictions placed on L.G.B.T. blood donors. Read more

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Onnit Star Wars Work Out Equipment is Epic

It’s been a few years since we reported on the cool kettle bells and work out equipment from Onnit. First there were Zombies, then Werewolves. Now, they have released a special Star Wars collection which also includes a Han Solo in Carbonite Yoga Mat and a Death Star Slam Ball! Read more

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BADLAB Grooming Products Are Man-gineered For The Hip Male.

BADLAB, which is an acronym for Brave and Daring Lab Company, was born in Malaysia and launched worldwide in 2014. BADLAB combines great branding, packaging, attitude and affordable prices for a complete line of men’s grooming products. And don’t forget that father’s Day is right around the corner. Read more

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The Chablé Resort and Spa: Equal Parts Stunning and Spiritual (48 Photos)

The Chablé Resort and Spa are located in the Yucatan Peninsula, 25 minutes from the historic city of Méridaan area of Mexico. Perfect for the sophisticated traveler, the area is famous for its rich culture, traditions, ancient history, exquisite cuisine, vegetation and heavenly scenery; with the legendary Mayan ruins located within a 30 to 60 km radius. Read more

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Beboe Luxury Cannabis Products from Scott Campbell & Clement Kwan

Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell together with Fashion industry exec Clement Kwan are the latest to get into the cannabis game with a new luxury line – if you can call two products a line – named Beboe. Read more

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A New Look for LOFT Hemp-Infused Herb Tonics.

In a new partnership with conscious products collective BeyondBrands, the former Williamsburg, Brooklyn based hemp-infused beverage brand LOFT Tea Collective has been renamed, repackaged and relaunched as LOFT Herb-Infused Hemp Tonics. Read more

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Ralph Lauren PoloTech Shirt Is Like A Fit Band For Your Body

ralph lauren polotech

The Ralph Lauren has launched a Polo shirt that has sensors knitted into it to read biological and physiological information. The data collected by the shirt includes an accelerometer and gyroscope, which capture movement and direction. Read more

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Soma Launches A New, Well-Designed, Eco-Friendly Filtered Water Pitcher.

soma pitcher

It looks good, is good for you, good for the planet and the purchase of it helps provide clean drinking water for those in need. What more can you ask from a pitcher?
The makers of Soma is one of the best well-designed, good-looking eco-friendly water filters on the market have now introduced an equally attractive but more affordable BPA-free plastic pitcher version.

soma pitcher on blue

Fast Company reports “The first product they created, a carafe made of sustainable glass, was widely applauded by the design community. At a price of $49, with $9.99 replacement filters, it was more expensive than most other pitchers but sold well online and at specialty stores like Williams and Sonoma. But Del Ponte wanted to go bigger and make his product accessible to a wider market. So Soma has launched a plastic pitcher in Target stores retailing at $39.99, which is only $5 more than the Brita.”

soma carafe and pitcher IIHIHSustainable by Design – The new pitcher is made of shatter-proof, BPA-free plastic and has a wooden handle made from sustainable white oak. It’s easy-to-fill and features Soma’s unique filter made of coconut shell carbon and plant-based casing that removes chlorine and improves taste.

soma pitcher 2 IIHIHHolds 10 Cups – Perfect for thirsty families. Filters last 40 gallons, which means you can fill it every day for two months.

new soma filterd pitcher IIHIHFilter Facts – The Water Quality Association has tested and certified the Soma filter to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 requirements for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor.

filterFilters by Mail
Their convenient subscription delivers fresh filters to your door every 60 days, so you always know when to change them. Subscribe for a year, and you’ll save 35%.
pitcher-filtersGiving Back
And for every Soma filter purchased, clean drinking water is donated to people in need through Soma’s nonprofit partner, charity: water.

charitywater-6f66392319ac298eaa72120ee8c90509soma pitcher new IIHIHScreenshot 2015-03-31 16.00.02

Shop for the new Soma Pitcher here

The Soma Glass Carafe Water Filter
What makes the original Soma so great to begin with? The German-engineered, shatter-resistant glass carafe has an innovative filter which uses the power of nature to cleanse your water and unlike most other water filters, it looks great.

soma carafe on green

A limited Black version of the original Soma filtered carafe sold out quickly:
soma-blackMade of sustainable plant-based materials
The Soma filter uses the power of nature to cleanse your water. The catalytic activated coconut shell carbon is naturally absorbent and the filter casing is made from a plant-based material, rather than the normal petroleum-based plastic and is compostable in commercial composting facilities.

white _somacarafeThe foremost filtration expert
David Beeman, with over 35 years of experience designing proprietary filters for industry leaders such as Starbucks, Peet’s and Keurig, partnered with Soma to design their filter.

In this video, the renowned water expert, David Beeman, discusses Soma’s new biodegradable water filter.

A powerful process
Before the coconut shells become carbon granules (and protectors of your water) they are heat treated to become so porous that each gram of carbon has over 1,000 square meters of surface area. That’s more space to catch contaminants like chlorine so they don’t end up in your water.

The Water Quality Association has tested and certified the Soma filter to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 requirements for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor. Their gold seal standard is known as a key benchmark for any reputable filter and a sign of innovation.

Shop for the Soma Carafe here

logo-small images and information courtesy of Soma

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Modern South Korean Home Design is Based on Feng Shui Principles.

Ssangdairi House

The Ssangdalri House by Hyunjoon Yoo Architects was designed for a couple in their early fifties who moved to a rural area from the city when the wife was diagnosed with cancer. Both the site of the house and its design were chosen based on Feng Shui which dictated the locations of each room and the views. Read more

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