FISHER ARCHitecture Green Pre-Fab Prototype in Pittsburgh

The beautifully designed Irwin Studio by Pittsburgh’s Fisher Architecture is a functioning prototype that was built onsite, but designed in such a manner that future productions can be pre-fabricated and crane-delivered. The structure serves as a guest house –separated from the main house by a rock-surrounded, manmade pond and landscaping by Jim Lampl. Read more

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Concrete Sustainable Prefab: KODA by Kodasema

The Concrete Sustainable Prefab: KODA by Kodasema can be used as a garden home, a guest house, a place of learning, a hotel, a party house or a retail store. The prefab structure is designed to be relocated and repurposed infinite times. With a fully equipped kitchen and bath, the wood lined interior, concrete exterior home sleeps two and can be delivered all-in-one via trailer in one piece. Read more

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Norway’s Vennesla Library by Helen & Hard Architects

This modern public library in Vennesla, Norway designed by architects Helen & Hard is a very unique structure constructed using the innovative Glulam wood which is stronger than steel and has greater strength and stiffness than comparably sized dimensional lumber. Read more

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The Outpost by Studio Jones Is 4,000 Square Feet of Desert Paradise

The Outpost by Studio Jones

Architect Eddie Jones and his “family”, Jones Studio, Inc, are known for their beautiful commercial and residential residences predominantly in America’s Southwest. The Outpost, a private residence in Arizona’s Paradise Valley, is a collection of rectangular pods designed to selectively use energy while visually relating to the surrounding landscape. Read more

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The Butterfly House. Spectacular Location, Design and Integration.

Feldman Architecture Butterfly House

The Butterfly House by Feldman Architecture unites a breathtaking 5 acre location with an incredibly designed 2,900 square foot home near Carmel, California. The indoor and outdoor spaces are integrated through the use of NanaWall, an award-winning edge-to-edge glass folding wall system. Read more

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The Sustainability Treehouse by Mithun Is 5 Stories of Engaging Education

sustanability treehouse by mithun

The Sustainability Treehouse by Mithun architects for the Boy Scouts of America is a five story, 5,805 square foot structure that stands 125 feet high on a 10,000-acre reserve. Read more

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Inside and Out of Marc Koehler’s Dune House

dune house exterio crop 800x800

This is one beautiful beach house. Built using all ‘green’ materials and designed to be highly energy efficient, the modern wood Dune House (not to be confused with this gorgeous home of the same name) has multiple floors that are connected by a central spiraling staircase. Read more

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The Haven Home and Boathouse are Sustainable and Spectacular.

The Haven home and boathouse

The Haven by LSI Architects and architect Michael Barclay is an award-winning four bedroom, sustainable, timber and glass ‘legacy house’ and boathouse that benefit both the family for whom they were designed and the environment. Read more

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