The Hope Motorbike: A Custom Revamped Vetrix V1 Scooter

The Hope Motorbike, a custom revamped Vetrix V1 Scooter, from Sam Aguiar of France’s Shiny Hammer is a futuristic, fully electric maxi scooter that is made-to-order. Read more

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Treeson Spring Water & Unique Recycling Program Launch

There are a million bottled waters out there. Okay, maybe not a million, but more than enough to confuse the average consumer. Especially with many of them claiming to be toxin-free, organic, eco-friendly and the like. But Treeson, a uniquely bottled spring water that has finally come to market, has a special return and recycling program and plants one tree for every bottle sold. Read more

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Scented Soy Candles For Pop Culture Fans

Highland Bluff Studio of Tennessee makes and sells natural soy wax candles in jars featuring icons and scents from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Read more

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People People’s Transparent Speaker Now In A Small Size

You may recall the modern pocket watch or the very cool large transparent audio speakers by People People I shared with you way back in 2011. Now the Swedish Industrial Design Agency has launched a new, smaller version of the transparent speaker. Read more

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Translucent Icy Pastel Furniture Made from Recycled Plastic

Kim Markel’s Glow collection of wall mirrors, vases and chairs look good enough to eat. The unusual icy-looking translucent pastel colored pieces are handcrafted from reclaimed plastics bonded with resin. Read more

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Eco-Friendly High-End Living That Floats: Rev House Houseboats.

Hard to beat Rev House Houseboats when it comes to living large on the water. These luxurious houseboats crafted in Germany are completely bespoke in every way. The eco-friendly floating paradises feature solar panels, a water filtration system, and a wide array of amenities. Read more

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It’s Green. It’s Gorgeous. And It Makes Gin. Bombay Sapphire’s Sustainable Distillery.

Bombay Sapphire's Sustainable Distillery

The Bombay Sapphire Distillery, which opened just under a year ago, combines history, modern architecture and nature conservation to result in a breathtakingly beautiful, sustainable renovated mill in rural Hampshire. Read more

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The 10 Hippest Modern Designer Rocking Horses On The Market

modern designer rocking horses

Sure, you’ve seen a lot of very cool-looking versions of the traditional childhood toy, the Rocking Horse. But so many of them are just conceptual designs that it’s a big disappointment for those actually looking to buy one. Read more

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The Hydro Hammock May Even Get A Princess Like Me To Go Camping.

The Hydro Hammock

If you told me I could soak in a warm water-filled hammock while you pitch a tent, clean a fish or scare off a bear, you wouldn’t have to convince me to go camping – the Hyro Hammock would be persuasion enough. Even in the Winter. Read more

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