Jean Paul Gaultier for Roche Bobois

As part of his large collection for Roche Bobois, Jean Paul Gaultier has funked up a traditional Louis XVI style chair, introduced an armchair on wheels and added his signature stripes and imagery to cushions, throw pillows and sofas. Read more

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Translucent Icy Pastel Furniture Made from Recycled Plastic

Kim Markel’s Glow collection of wall mirrors, vases and chairs look good enough to eat. The unusual icy-looking translucent pastel colored pieces are handcrafted from reclaimed plastics bonded with resin. Read more

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RENDA – Perforated Metal Furniture Inspired by Lace Embroidery.

Inspired by Brazilian embroidery, the RENDA collection of perforated metal furniture by Bianco Barbato Design casts shadows as cool as the products themselves. Read more

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A Star Trek Shuttle Coffee Table? Make It So.

Altar Furniture resurrects old pinball machines and arcade games as unique pieces of furniture. This coffee table, made to emulate a Star Trek shuttlecraft, not only has an original vintage Star Trek pinball playing field, but also has LED lighting and four real meteorites (really) built into it. And those glowing rocks? why those are dilithium crystals, of course (not really). Read more

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A Lawyer and An Architect Combine Their Passions To Create The RA 1.15 Armchair

Inspired by a blossoming flower and an open box of cigars, longtime friends Chilean architect Rodrigo Gonzalez and German lawyer Alexander Sauer, worked together to create the RA 1:15. An evolution of the Eames lounge chair and ottoman, the RA 1.15 is a sophisticated molded wood and aniline leather armchair with matching footstool. Read more

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Morgan Studio & Studio Integrate Debut Rio 3D Printed Furniture


Rio, a collaboration between by Morgan Studio & Studio Integrate, combines traditional furniture craft with innovative 3D printed components. Read more

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Galanter & Jones Heated Outdoor Furniture Is the First

Galanter & Jones Design The First Outdoor Heated Furniture

Designed and handmade in California, the heated outdoor furniture collection from San Francisco-based brother and sister owned Galanter & Jones is the first of its kind. The modern seating options, available in many different color and frame combinations, are plug-in ready. Read more

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Edition van Treeck and Christian Haas: The Vice Versa Low Table

vice versa low table

The Vice Versa Low Table, a collaboration between the Gustav van Treek Studios’ Edition van Treeck and Christian Haas, combines modern furniture design with hand-blown stained glass that can only be seen via reflection. Read more

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Those Amazing Animal Chairs Keep Coming – And Now in Color!

animal chairs
The animal chairs by Maximo Riera now come in color

For the past several years designer Maximo Riera has been working on producing a collection of Animal Chairs. His first three – the Octopus, Walrus and Rhino chairs -received plenty of press and you may recall having seen them on design blogs such as this one. Read more

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