The Cumberbunny Is Back for Easter 2017!

The delicious Belgian chocolate rabbit with a handsome face and a tasty bottom sculpted in the likeness of Benedict Cumberbatch is 400g of pure yummy. Now available in Milk, Dark and a new White chocolate version. Read more

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Valentine Chocolates That Will Last A Lifetime.

Artist Peter Anton’s boxes of chocolates look good enough to eat, but you’d better not. The heart-shaped and rectangular boxes of confectionary treats are actually oversized mixed media sculptures. While you may find yourself salivating at the pieces, they are meant to digest with the eyes, not the stomach. Read more

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Onza Ceramic Tiles Inspired By Chocolate Bars

Onza Ceramic Tiles

Onza Ceramic Tiles were designed by Alberto Sánchez of MUT for Spanish tile manufacturer Peronda’s most irresistible line. The white, grey or terracotta ceramic wall tiles were inspired by chocolate bars. Read more

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13 World Landmarks Made of Chocolate

Master Mirco Della Vecchia, Italy’s foremost chocolatier (or chocolate artisan), produced thirteen world landmarks hand-made entirely from chocolate, with only the use of chisels, for the Chocolate World Heritage Exhibition in Hong Kong. Read more

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The Chocolatexturebar Titillates The Tongue With Texture

nendo chocolatexturebar

You my recall my post about “chocolatexture”, the 2015 creation by Japanese design firm nendo that was based on the theme of chocolate but with diverse textures and different tastes created from those distinctive textures. Read more

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These Are NOT Handbags, These Are Cakes.

bohnhoff and kent purse cakes

I’ve seen a lot of cake art, but these take the….well, you know. What look strikingly like chic clutch purses aren’t purses at all. They are incredible, entirely edible purse-shaped cakes that are completely fondant-free, preservative-free and made with only the finest, real ingredients. Read more

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Dylan’s Candy Bar Mean Girls Collection

Dylan's candy bar MEAN GIRLS Collection

Just in time for the National Mean Girls Day, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Paramount Pictures have teamed up for a special collection of chocolate, treats and lifestyle products loaded with the movie’s best quotes as well as sugar. Read more

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A Chunk of Chocolate with Chisels for The Cocoa Connoisseur.

Carved Chocolate Set by Studio Appetit and Oialla

The Carved Chocolate Set by Studio Appetit and Oialla designed for this year’s annual Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition is an elegant and sophisticated gift for the true chocolate afficionado. Read more

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Wearable Confections From Shoe Bakery Will Give You A Sugar High.

Wearable Confections From Shoe Bakery

Founded in April of 2013, Shoe Bakery creates dessert-inspired shoes. Cake-like wedges, flats with sprinkles and heels that look like ice cream sundaes or wedding cakes are just a few of their sweet treats for your feet. Read more

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