New Japanese Marshmallow Confections Almost Too Pretty to Eat

After over a year and a half in development, an aesthetically impressive brand of innovative sweets has been launched by the long-established Japanese confectionery store “Tsurugi no Yusho Honpo” in Okayama. The new Japanese brand of marshmallow confections are handmade without any artificial colors or ingredients and are unique in both taste and appearance. Read more

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New Jollypops from Product Invention Studio March.

We’ve covered a few unique lollipops and popsicles on this blog. The beautiful sculptured ones by Nuna, the fun Pop Culture Ice Pops from Stoyn not once, but twice and SchadenFreezers, the world’s most bitter treat on a stick. Now you can add Jollypops to that list. Read more

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Valentine Chocolates That Will Last A Lifetime.

Artist Peter Anton’s boxes of chocolates look good enough to eat, but you’d better not. The heart-shaped and rectangular boxes of confectionary treats are actually oversized mixed media sculptures. While you may find yourself salivating at the pieces, they are meant to digest with the eyes, not the stomach. Read more

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What A Museum of Ice Cream Should Be! Delicious and Delightful.

inside the museum of ice cream

A pool filled with sprinkles, an ice cream scoop see-saw, melting benches, sugarcone-covered walls and ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream. A veritable playground of color and sugar has popped up for the month of August in the form of the Museum of Ice Cream. Read more

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Dylan’s Candy Bar Mean Girls Collection

Dylan's candy bar MEAN GIRLS Collection

Just in time for the National Mean Girls Day, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Paramount Pictures have teamed up for a special collection of chocolate, treats and lifestyle products loaded with the movie’s best quotes as well as sugar. Read more

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Great Goodies For A Geek Easter.

Vader Geek Easter Basket w border © IIHIH

Got a geek in your life who’d love a hip Easter Basket? Filled with pop culture, sci-fi, comic and  artsy Easter goodies? From Lego to Star Wars and Labbits to Rabbids,  I’ve got the best items for a great geek Easter right here. Read more

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Whack Piñatas – So Stylish You’ll Find Them Hard To Hit.

Whack Piñatas

Whack Piñatas are a more stylish take on the traditional candy-filled paper maché creations. Handcrafted in Southern California, they have hip and fun options for just about any age and/or occasion. Read more

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Blood-Spattered Lollies and Eyeball Marshmallows! Creepy Treats for Halloween.

Creepy Treats for Halloween

Vintage Confections of Clarendon Hills, IL has the corner on the coolest lollipops and candy.  Best known for their fabulous planet lollipops, they have some wonderfully horrifying treats for Halloween.  Read more

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Wearable Confections From Shoe Bakery Will Give You A Sugar High.

Wearable Confections From Shoe Bakery

Founded in April of 2013, Shoe Bakery creates dessert-inspired shoes. Cake-like wedges, flats with sprinkles and heels that look like ice cream sundaes or wedding cakes are just a few of their sweet treats for your feet. Read more

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Jellio Brings Back Childhood In The Form Of Furniture

jellio brooklyn store IIHIH

If you’re not familiar with Jellio, Mario Marsicano’s whimsical company which designs and sells unique home furnishings inspired by childhood toys and treats, you should be. The company has created many unique products and custom projects for high profile clients like Sony, Google, Nickelodeon, the Discovery Channel and Marriott Hotels, to name a few. Read more

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