A Look Back At The Life of Hubert de Givenchy

He founded one of the most famous fashion houses in France, Audrey Hepburn was his muse, inspiration and lifelong friend, and no one embodied gentlemanly elegance more than Hubert de Givenchy. The legendary designer passed away at age 91 on March 10th after a forty-year long career that leaves behind a legacy of sartorial style and heritage. Read more

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2018 Menswear Men Shouldn’t Wear.

I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to fashion. I appreciate designers who try new things, work with unusual materials and question tradition. But this year’s Fashion Week unveiled some menswear, men’s hairstyles and makeup that were so outrageously ridiculous, they couldn’t even masquerade as art.  Read more

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Yohji Yamamoto Embellishes New Menswear With Art of Women.

Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto has just unveiled his 2018 SS Mens Collection in Paris at Fashion Week. Despite being a collection for men to wear, women appeared on the catwalk – on his clothes. Artist Suzume Uchida collaborated with the designer for several pieces and 1930’s-like vintage illustrations of women embellished jackets and t-shirts Read more

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Vans Glitter Kicks for Opening Ceremony!

Hells Yeah. Vans, maker of surf shoes and sneakers, has created a full line of various shoes exclusively for hip retailer Opening Ceremony. But it’s the super sparkly fun glitter Old Skool Sneakers that will get the most attention. Read more

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British Artists Jake and Dinos Chapman for Louis Vuitton

I know everyone’s talking about the Louis Vuitton X Supreme collection for Fall/ Winter 2017. And while that’s fabulous, it’s their second collection with British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman for this summer that has really impressed me. Read more

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Oliver Sweeney Tattoos Shoes. And They Are Stunning.

oliver sweeney tattoo service

British men’s shoemakers and fashion brand Oliver Sweeney offers a unique form of personalization. With their Sweeney tattoo service, they will hand-ink a custom design for you on any of their leather goods. Shoes, boots, flasks or wallets can be embellished by a custom design of your exacting specifications by a professional tattoo artist. Read more

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Orlebar Brown Puts Slim Aarons Pool Photos on Swim Wear

Fashion label Orlebar Brown has launched some fabulous photographic summer fashions and swimwear for both men and women which feature the very hip vintage prints of photographer Slim Aarons’ swimming pools. Read more

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American Eagle Jumps on The Real Body Bandwagon with AerieMan Undies.

AerieMan Underwear Models

Lately there’s been a slew of brands whose advertising features real women with bodies that are not photo-shopped, airbrushed or manipulated to appear as anything other than natural. Now American Eagle is doing the same for men with their ads for AerieMan underwear. Read more

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The Huarache Gets A Modern Vegan Makeover from Malibu Sandals

Malibu Sandals Modern Huaraches

Kevin O’Neill has combined the ancient craft of the Mexican huarache sandal with contemporary design and engineering to create Malibu Sandals modern huaraches – a line of comfortable, chic and cruelty-free footwear for men and women. Read more

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