The Hope Motorbike: A Custom Revamped Vetrix V1 Scooter

The Hope Motorbike, a custom revamped Vetrix V1 Scooter, from Sam Aguiar of France’s Shiny Hammer is a futuristic, fully electric maxi scooter that is made-to-order. Read more

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Limited Edition Kodewa Performance Motorcycle, The Lotus C-01, Designed by Daniel Simon.

Lotus C-01

Following two years of careful planning and intense development, Kodewa is delighted to announce that that the prototype of the world’s first motorcycle to bear the legendary Lotus marque is now road registered and ready for action. Read more

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The 2013 Indian Chief Vintage LE – A Super Duper Limited Edition (Only 35 Available).

Polaris, who now owns Indian Motorcycles (and Victory, too) has been busy building new bikes. The latest is the very rare (only 35 are available) 2013 Indian Chief Vintage Limited Edition. Capitalizing on its classic heritage, it exudes Indian style and tradition. With its Two-tone Pearl White & Thunder Black Paint scheme, chrome highway pegs, arrow-style shift rods, quick-detach passenger backrest and luggage rack – it’s a bike that turns heads, whether it’s parked or cruising down Main Street.

The press release:
Indian Motorcycle is proud to debut for 2013 the elegant and powerful Chief Vintage Limited Edition. Featuring a pearl white and thunder black two-tone paint scheme, this bike is sure to turn heads on the open road. The LE also features stylish chrome accents, including chrome highway pegs and a chrome arrow-style shift rod that add a custom touch to this already striking motorcycle.

The Limited Edition offers more than just great looks. The quick detach passenger backrest and luggage rack allows you to go from cruising around with your crew to riding your favorite scenic route with someone special in no time.

This iconic motorcycle harkens back to Indian’s roots, but features a paint scheme that will never go out of style. Indian Motorcycle will produce only 35 LE Units, priced at $37,899 U.S. and $39,899 CAD.

Along with the limited edition, Indian will continue to produce the Chief Vintage in Indian Red, Indian Red and Ivory Cream, and Willow Green and Ivory Cream. The Classic will reappear in Solid Thunder Black and Solid Indian Red; and the Dark Horse will be available in Thunder Black Smoke. The bikes are already available and began shipping in August of this year.

• Chromed spoke wheels (standard)
• Chrome Highway Pegs(optional addition)
• Distressed Leather Saddlebags (standard)
• Quick detach Passenger Backrest and Luggage Rack (optional addition)
• PowerPlus 105ci Engine (standard)
• Chrome Arrow Style Shift Rod (optional addition)
• Tanks Mounted Speedometer and Controls (standard)
• Two-tone Pearl White & Thunder Black Paint scheme

• Engine Type: Power Plus, Air-Cooled
• Displacement: 105 Cubic Inches
• Bore x Stroke: 3.966″ x 4.25″
• Compression Ratio: 9 to 1
• Fuel System: Closed Loop Sequential Port Fuel Injection


For more information on Indian Motorcycle or to find a dealer, visit

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Roger Goldammer Combines Knowledge, Passion and Parts in Cool Custom Cycles.

Roger Goldammer is a Canadian motorcycle builder most known for winning the World championship of bike building three times. The custom cycles he builds are one a kind. These are not production bikes, but bikes commissioned for individual clients and projects. You can order bikes that are similar to the one-off bikes shown in this post.

More often than not he builds the frame, hand shapes tanks, machines and fabricates the bulk of the components and seamlessly pulls everything together to achieve a certain aesthetic or performance goal.

He and his team build bikes to suit a wide array of price ranges and requirements. A basic full custom bike starts around $50,000. The cost of a motorcycle that will be a contender at international shows can cost anywhere from $70,000 and up.



Nortorious (yes, that’s the correct spelling):





In addition to creating custom cycles, Goldammer creates custom parts and performs specialty repairs.

“I build all these high end bikes but I’m also the guy sweeping the floor at the end of the day and the guy answering the phone.”— Roger Goldammer

About Roger Goldammer (from his site)

Roger’s passion for performance in both form and function can be seen in all of his work. From an old shovelhead that he’s getting back on the road to a custom build destined for the Bonneville Salt Flats, Roger’s love of metal and engines is expressed in every detail.

above: Roger wins the World championship of bike building for the third time

Roger gained his foundation with training and an apprenticeship in machining and engine building from BCIT, then relocated to Phoenix to study at the Harley-Davidson motorcycle mechanics training facility MMI. As soon as he was able to focus on his passion for motorcycle building he quickly gained recognition in the bike community and stacked up an impressive list of awards and accolades.

Surrounded by a collection of performance motorcycles, Roger still grabs his dirt bike on the weekend to rip it up on the local hills with his boys. He’s even been caught chasing his dogs around the yard on a mini-bike.. yes.. a mini bike. A simple passion for riding and creating clean lines keeps the Goldammer shop turning out solid work.

Roger’s range of projects is pretty diverse. Manufacturing parts, bike performance work, custom builds and even prototyping. Early on the Goldammer Shop’s main focus was anything motorcycles. The bikes he builds have always shared technology but his ability to think outside of the box and experiment has created opportunities to work on unique projects outside of the motorcycle industry.

Goldammer Custom Cycle Works

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The Saietta, A Zero Emissions Electric Urban Motorcycle Perfect For Commuting.

Saietta represents the first meaningful redesign in motorcycling in a generation. Its unparalleled handling and revolutionary styling have set the benchmark for performance and design across the industry. Available in three core colors (red, black and white) or 8 optional colors (including the chrome), the electric motorbike has had glowing reviews and awards. The all-day-long range, unmatched handling and impressive power are all that you could ask of an electric vehicle.

The Saietta, built by Agility Global, Ltd. in London, is the world’s first production composite monocoque chassis (like a Formula 1 car) in a motorcycle. The Agility battery envelope is the structure of the motorcycle – minimizing weight, increasing strength and combining to give you, the rider, the most direct and tactile control possible.

The Saietta S

Distinctive and desirable, Saietta S is the next generation of electric urban motorcycle. The light weight provides lithe maneuverability. Fun, fast and sporty, Saietta S is a high profile way to get around town.

The Saietta S acceleration is lightning fast, from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds. Its total weight of 135 kg means you can whip the bike around town, faster than any other mode of urban transport. 50 miles range with 46 peak horsepower makes for easy riding, and at 20 pence for 50 miles, you will never notice the cost of riding.

Optimised through intelligent design and ground-breaking engineering to invoke a near-perfect user relationship, Saietta’s exceptional maneuverability and instinctive ergonomics expand your riding abilities and heightens the senses.

New Recyclable flax body panels

The Saietta’s sustainable design features including body panels made using flax fibres. With additional deflector panels made using a range of bio-composite materials including hemp, kenaf, jute and cellulose.

Given the new type of body panels, Saietta is even more sustainable than ever. With a powerful electric drive train and upwards of 85% recyclable parts, when and if Saietta ever comes to an end of its useful life, the parts can definitely be reused and recycled:

Saietta R
Muscular and aggressive, Saietta R is our flagship, next generation electric urban sport motorcycle. With huge, low-down power and understated cool, getting on is like riding a relentless wave of torque through the city.

The Saietta R acceleration is beyond fast, from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds. With exceptional emphasis on concentrating its masses in the most compact overall package and shortest possible wheelbase, the Saietta R has a cocktail of power and razor sharp handling which intoxicates. 112 miles range including a 12 mile reserve, and 120 Nm of torque, the R model is a fast, aggressive ride, and at 45 pence for 100 miles, you will never notice the cost of riding.

Optimised through intelligent design and ground-breaking engineering to invoke a near-perfect user relationship, Saietta’s exceptional manoeuvrability and instinctive ergonomics expand your riding abilities and heightens the senses.

The Agility battery envelope IS the structure of the motorcycle – minimising weight, increasing strength and combining to give you, the rider, the most direct and tactile control possible.

Next Generation Drive-train: harnessing the efficiency of Agility’s “Drive-Torque Geometry Control” integrated transmission and Ultra-High Torque Axial Flux Electric Motor. Seamlessly smooth, extremely powerful, and instantly responsive. Regen capable: able to recover energy during deceleration.

Advanced “Wide-Base Variable-Geometry”™ Unequal Length Front Double-Wishbone suspension for extreme steering and suspension control throughout the performance envelope.

Unique Agility “Instinct Steering Geometry”™ for intuitive feel and superlative handling from walking pace up through to blisteringly fast.

Ground-breaking “Drive-Torque Geometry Control” integrated transmission and suspension system for optimised suspension control during aggressive acceleration, giving maximum corner-exit traction, and greater stability when accelerating and breaking.

For complete technical specs, to book a test drive or purchase a Saietta, visit their site here.

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Anatomical Motorcycle Suit Features The Very Organs It’s Designed To Protect.

While I do believe that there’s no better way to wear your insides on your outsides than to drive a motorcycle, if you must ride a death machine, these are probably some of the coolest leathers in which you could safely clad your bod.

This one-off collaboration between Death Spray Custom (who make super sick custom designs for most things that move) and Alpinestars technical sports apparel, features human anatomy appliques in bovine and kangaroo leathers and suede on a black protective suit with red meshliner.

In their words:
Exploring the relationship between protection and the human body, Alpinestars and artist, Death Spray Custom, collaborate to create a unique and visually striking race suit.

The “Anatomy” suit, designed by London-based Death Spray Custom was hand built in Alpinestars’ race factory in Northern Italy as part of a consistent effort to fuse art, design, technology and racing. Alpinestars invited DSC to their European headquarters last year to consult with technicians and explore the idea of creating a custom collaborative suit that would offer the same amount of protection as a standard Alpinestars suit, but with an artistic agenda. DSC, who frequently draws from motorsports and all forms of transportation for inspiration, is an avid motorcyclist and all-around bonafied gear head. He saw this partnership as new medium and a new canvas to apply his craft.

“Human anatomy is a theme I have much fascination with and is something I’ve often visited in previous works. The anatomy model is a visual motif that, even from an early age, was intriguing as a timeless piece of art in itself. Part sculpture, part puzzle and all educational.” said DSC. “We see it referenced culturally in many ways from Hirst to Kaws, though my inspiration was an artist from a different field, AMA legend David Aldana. He raced in black leathers with a white skeleton over print. (Think a dirtrack Donnie Darko). I wanted to create the next generation version. It’s a very simple idea, the best ideas often appear that way.”

Elaborating on the project and why Alpinestars was the ideal partner, he said, “I guess the conflict of protection and the human body is never more apparent than in motorcycles and motor sport. Obviously Alpinestars understands that dichotomy more than anyone. Combining that knowledge with their technical and creative expertise made for a unique and compelling project.”

studio photography by Neil Bridge

Alpine Stars
Death Spray Custom

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Mansory Takes On Two Wheels With A Custom Carbon Fiber Zapico Bike.

MANSORY Zapico custom bike

Mansory is best known for their luxurious customization of high-end vehicles, notably adding lots of carbon fiber, elegant interior appointments and performance upgrades to automotive luxury brands like Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Rolls Royce and Range Rover. Read more

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Some Sweet Rides From the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Rides From Neiman Marcus
above: The cover art is the work of Yulia Brodskya

Each Christmas, Neiman Marcus comes out with their hefty Christmas Book, filled with drool worthy fashion and gifts for the holiday season. This year’s is no exception and is filled with alternative forms of transportation to get your motor running. Read more

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