Dadbag Fanny Pack Let’s You Strap On A Beer Belly

Albert Pukies, who works at London-based news and media company Joint, has created the Dadbag fanny pack (or bum bag) to give him the appearance of a middle-aged paunch. Why? The trim Londoner wanted a “Dad Bod” without the health risks. Read more

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Rijksmuseum 2017 International Design Contest Winners: The Top 10

The 2017 Rijksmuseum International Design Contest invited the public to draw inspiration from pieces in the museum’s permanent collection and use them to create their own artwork. The Winning entry and top nine submissions were chosen by an International panel of experts. Read more

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Lexus Debuts Sport Yacht Concept [25 photos]

Lexus has unveiled a new sport yacht concept, a one-off project that expresses how the Lexus design philosophies and brand lifestyle might be introduced to a sea-faring product. Read more

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If Casa Brutale by OPA Is The Home Of The Future, Bring It On. [25 Pics]

Casa Brutale by OPA

Embedded into a cliff in Rhodes, overlooking the Aegean Sea, Casa Brutale by OPA [Open Platform Architecture], is an extraordinary home design concept of wood, glass and concrete – complete with a rooftop swimming pool. Read more

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Artist Designs 12 Shoes For 12 Lovers

12 shoes for 12 lovers

You know that great old song 88 Lines About 44 Women by The Nails? Now imagine that, only instead of lines, it’s shoes. And instead of 88 women, it’s a dozen ex-lovers. Now, you’ve got the idea behind 12 Shoes For 12 Lovers, a fashionably amusing project by Sebastian Errazuriz. Read more

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Swanky New Aura Water Pipe Gets Honored For Design

aura water pipe hero

The sleek-looking patent pending Aura Water Pipe designed by Mauricio Romano along with his team: Tai Geng, Paul Kalousek and Jordan Steranka was a runner up in the Consumer Products category of this year’s Core 77 Design Awards. Read more

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The Brilliant Maze Door Chain Lock Finally Comes To Life As A Real Product!

defendius-door text no border IIHIH

So often we see unusual designs that we covet, only to learn that they are either concepts or looking for funding so they may be produced. Such was the case with the Defendius Door Chain by Russian design studio Art Lebedev when they first rendered it as a concept in April of 2008. Read more

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A Book Cover That Judges You Using Facial Recognition To Unlock it.

The Book Cover That Judges You

The Book Cover That Judges You by Art director Thijs Biersteker is a very cool prototype for the 2015 annual of the Art Directors Club Netherlands. The annual tome is full of great creative work that has been judged and awarded. Combining technology with creativity, Biersteker created a book cover that only unlocks when you approach it without any judgement. Read more

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