Amazing Bird House Based on Mid-Century Modern Stahl House

Pierre Koenig’s famous Stahl House has served as inspiration for so many creative endeavors from movies to paintings, it was only a matter of time until some talented woodworker turned it into a birdhouse. Read more

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Stunning Limited Edition Single Malts For Bird Lovers

Italian whisky traders Lion’s Whisky and Whisky Antique teamed up with Jens Drewitz of Sansibar to create a new label called Antique Lions of Spirits (ALOS). The first series, The Birds, are six single malts with drop dead gorgeous labels and packaging.

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Ceramicist Stephen Bowers Serves Up Parrots on Plates With His Camouflage Series

The focus of ceramicist Stephen Bowers’ Jamais Vu, a recent exhibition at Lauraine Diggins gallery, was be a remarkable dining set. Richly adorned serving, dinner and entrée plates, each displaying an Australian parrot are highlighted against a complex layering of background patterns to result in the breathtaking Camouflage Series tableware. Read more

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Well, Tickle My Ass With A Turkey Feather! Take A Look At These.


Artist Chris Maynard creates art using a part of the Turkey we don’t eat on Thanksgiving – the feathers. The Olympia, Washington artist delicately cuts and crafts real North American Turkey feathers into beautiful dimensional narratives framed in shadowboxes. Read more

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There are Balloon Animals and then there are Masayoshi Matsumoto Balloon Animals.

Masayoshi Matsumoto Balloon Animals

To say that Japanese balloon artist Masayoshi Matsumoto makes Balloon Animals is an understatement at the very least. His balloon animals are more like “latex sculpture.” Made only by blowing up, twisting and tucking traditional balloons, his talent is more suited to a museum than a 4 yr old’s birthday party. Read more

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Artists Remix Gucci Print Tian – All 24 Pieces.

artists remix gucci Tian if it's hip it's here

The Tian print by Gucci, a tropical take on bird and flower paintings that embellishes their new collection of leather goods and shoes for men and women, has been “remixed” by 24 artists upon invitation. Read more

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The No. 1 Dog House, Bird House and Garden Shed by Filippo Pisan

No. 1 Dog House, Bird House and Garden Shed

Designed by Filippo Pisan for Italy’s De Castelli is an award-winning Garden Shed, a Dog House and a Bird House, all borne from the same design concept and materials. Read more

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Shark, Wolf and Alligator Jaws Are Homes For Brave Birdies.

piep show safari birdhouses

Hamburg-based 040studio, a collaboration between Phillipp Schaake and Philipp Gunther, have designed the PIEP SHOW SAFARI birhouses, a collection of three fun powder-coated steel birdhouses for Radius. The Shark, Wolf and Alligator, with jaws agape, serve as the platform for little birdies to hang out and graze. Read more

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30 Heartwarming Photos of an Unusual Family Pet, a Rescued Magpie.


In 2013, a young Noah Bloom happened upon a 3 week old Magpie that had fallen from a tree. He brought it home to his family in Newport, Australia and they lovingly nursed the bird back to health with a proper diet. They named her Penguin (simply for her resemblance to the aquatic animal) and she has since become a loving member of the Bloom family. Read more

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