Inside Walled Off: 60 Photos of Banksy’s New Palestine Art Hotel

In stark contrast to yesterday’s hotel post, Banksy has opened a hotel of his own in Palestine and no, it’s not a joke. Walled Off is a legit art hotel complete with fully functioning ensuite facilities; artist-decorated rooms, a palatial presidential suite, scary budget rooms that look like barracks, an independently operated gallery and a museum. Operated by the local community, its meant to offer a warm welcome to everyone from all sides of the conflict and across the world. Read more

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‘Twas The Knight Before Christmas: Laura Knight Studio Holiday Cards

Have you chosen your holiday cards yet? As we get nearer to your mailing deadline, you’d best take a look at these beautifully designed Laura Knight Studio Holiday Cards. Read more

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GRAV Menorah Bong Gets Redesigned For Hanukkah, er Chronikkah.

In 2014 an all borosilicate glass Menorah that functioned as a water pipe went viral when a video of it was posted on youtube. Since that time, the GRAV Menorah Bong, which functions equally well as both, has been redesigned for ease of use and scaled down for convenience. Read more

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A Hipster Nativity Set So The Millennials Can Relate

If the birth of Jesus took place today, it would be a far cry from the historical tale as yesterday’s youth knows it. There’d be a Nav system to guide the Wise Men to Bethlehem, the actual birth would be “live’ on Facebook and Tweets from the manger would be posted hourly. Read more

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Dinosaur Menorahs Keep The Chanukah Tradition From Going Extinct

Lisa Pierce of Maine’s The Vanilla Studio has taken the centuries old tradition of the Chanukah Menorah and added a touch of even OLDER history to the candelabra by creating them from Jurassic Era creatures. Read more

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Intricately Hand Etched and Carved Eggshells by Beth Magnuson.

In the tiny tourist town of Bishop Hill, Illinois is a small quaint cottage-like boutique named The Feathered Nest at Windy Corner. Beth Magnuson, owner and proprietor, has spent a lifetime learning to preserve and present nature in alluring and interesting ways – one of which are her magnificently intricately hand carved and etched eggshells. Read more

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Modern Porcelain Christmas Ornaments For a Truly White Christmas.

Modern Porcelain Christmas Ornaments

I just love the simplicity of these beautifully modern porcelain Christmas Ornaments. Handcrafted by Kina Gorska of Kina Ceramic Design, they add a touch of elegance – or whimsy – to your Christmas tree, depending upon which you prefer. Read more

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Beer and Wine Bottle Designs With A Muerto Motif for Halloween.

Beer and Wine Bottle Designs With A Muerto Motif

La Catrina Wines and Day of The Dead Beer (Cerveza de los Muertos)  are beer and wine bottle designs that feature the artwork of Sean Wells. With her husband and partner, Daryl Wells, the two of them designed the wine and beer bottles which both feature a Muerto* motif. Read more

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Lady Gaga Morphs Into Classic Paintings Via Video – A Comparative Look.

Lady Gaga Morphs Into Classic Paintings

A video installation by artist Robert Wilson inserts Pop music phenom Lady Gaga into such classic pieces of art as Andrew Solari’s The Head of John the Baptist on a Charger (1507), Jacques-Louis David’s The Death of Marat (1793) and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres’ famous portrait of Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière (1793-1807). Read more

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