The Obama Presidential Portraits By Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald

Former US President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, like those before them, have had their portraits formally painted to hang at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. The two refreshingly contemporary depictions of the Obamas were unveiled this morning. Read more

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Alex Blas: From Barbie Couture To Figurative Painting

Paintings by Alex Blas

I just recently learned of fashion designer Alex Blas’ paintings. I had no idea he was a figurative painter in addition to designing high-end fashions for both people and Barbie dolls for almost a decade now. But he is. And one whose work you ought to see. Read more

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Oleg Shuplyak’s Astonishing Hidden Figures Paintings (45 photos)

Oleg in his studio with his Van Gogh Double Portrait painting

An architect by day and a master of illusion in his offtime, Ukranian Oleg Shuplyak, aka MrOlik, uses his technical skills as a trained architect to paint surreal optical illusions that contain portraits of other artists, authors and historical figures. Read more

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Brian Donnelly Solvent Portrait Paintings

Half Mast, oil paint, turpentine and hand sanitizer on canvas, 48″ x 48″, 2016

Artist Brian Donnelly’s solvent portrait paintings represent subjects whose faces have been distorted as a result of being exposed to turpentine, hand sanitizer, and alcohol. Read more

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Paralleles Paris Musées – Museums Ask Instagrammers To Recreate Art

Paralleles Paris Muse?es

To promote the newly launched website of Paris Museums (Paris Musées), bloggers, artists, influencers and designers on Instagram were asked to participate in their Paris Musées’ Parallels project. The Instagrammers were tasked with the recreation of a an artwork from their museum network and tag them Paralleles Paris Musées (#parallelesparismusees) Read more

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Immerse Yourself in the New Work of Watercolorist Ali Cavanaugh

ali cavanaugh Immerse

I have long been an admirer and collector of the work of Ali Cavanaugh. I own some of her earlier pieces so I was anxious to see her latest which, from peeking at the progress on Facebook, I could see would be a departure for the artist. Read more

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Celebrity Food Art by Jesse Beardon

celebrity food art

Thanks to Betsy Wills’ Artstormer blog, I was introduced to Jesse Maxwell Beardon. A multi-talented painter, illustrator, art director and designer who also plays with her food. Read more

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Dito Von Tease Gives The Finger To Famous Faces.

Dito Von Tease Gives The Finger To Famous Faces at if it's hip, it's here

An Italian artist and art director who uses the internet moniker ‘Dito Von Tease’ has a fun on-going project called Ditology. In Ditology he transforms his own index finger into portraits of everyone from well-known politicians to iconic cartoon characters. Celebrities, movie characters, Dictators, even famous art subjects get the point. Read more

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The Work of Pablo Guzman is a Tribute To Art and To Looking At It.

ef88fe069913457a28566effc74ef812above: “Políptico incompleto” Acrílico sobre lienzo, 170 x 170 cm. 2012

When it comes to perusing the work in galleries and museums we are observing, appreciating and sometimes critiquing, the most personal expressions of an artist. In the work of Pablo Guzman, who hails from Medellin, Colombia, we are one step removed –  a voyeur of the voyeur. His work serves not only as a tribute to the art of painting but also to the experience of viewing and contemplating art itself. Read more

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