Snoop Dogg’s Pounds : Five Premium Glass Bongs

The Doggfather, your favorite pot-smoking, Martha Stewart-loving, artist, entertainer and businessman adds to his already beautifully packaged product line Leafs by Snoop with Pounds, a premium line of borosilicate glass pipes and smoking accessories. Read more

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Dale Chihuly At The New York Botanical Garden – All The Glass Art!

The New York Botanical Garden has become even more colorful and breathtaking thanks to more than 20 art installations by world-renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. Beginning Saturday, April 22, 2017 and running through Sunday, October 29, 2017, this sensory-filled exhibition at NYBG is a must-see throughout the changing seasons from spring through fall. Read more

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GRAV Menorah Bong Gets Redesigned For Hanukkah, er Chronikkah.

In 2014 an all borosilicate glass Menorah that functioned as a water pipe went viral when a video of it was posted on youtube. Since that time, the GRAV Menorah Bong, which functions equally well as both, has been redesigned for ease of use and scaled down for convenience. Read more

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Edition van Treeck and Christian Haas: The Vice Versa Low Table

vice versa low table

The Vice Versa Low Table, a collaboration between the Gustav van Treek Studios’ Edition van Treeck and Christian Haas, combines modern furniture design with hand-blown stained glass that can only be seen via reflection. Read more

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The Chambong, An Upscale Beer Bong for Bubbly.

The Chambong

Oh no they didn’t.
It’s not easy to guzzle champagne which I always thought of as a good thing. However a trio of guys in Washington felt differently. So for those who want to polish off a bottle of bubbly in record time, there’s The Chambong. A 6-ounce, dishwasher-safe, high borosilicate glass device used for the rapid and enhanced consumption of sparkling wine and champagne. Patent pending, of course. Read more

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A Giant Glowing Glass Amoeba Floating In The Forest

Thomas Medicus Amoeba

When was the last time you came across an illuminated floating glass amoeba in the middle of the woods? I’m guessing never, that is, until now. Amoeba, a stained glass sculpture by Thomas Medicus, is a highly detailed piece, lit by LED lights within its frame and suspended amidst a forest of trees at night. The result is simply magical. Read more

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Blown Glass Artemide Invero and Incalmo Suspension Lights

Artemide Invero and Incalmo Suspension Lights

Presented at this year’s Euroluce in Milan are Artemide’s new two color blown glass suspension lamps designed by architect, designer, entrepreneur and teacher Carlotta de Bevilacqua. Read more

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Beautiful Bags of Blown Glass by Anne Donzé and Vincent Chagnon.

sac-poisson_2 IIHIH 800px

A collaboration between jewelry and glass designer Anne Donzé and glass artist Vincent Chagnon brings us “Déballe ton sac” (Unpack your bag), a collection of unusual blown glass pieces each of which incorporates their individual talents. Read more

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37 Limited Edition Artist Christmas Ornaments Turn Your Tree Into A Gallery

Limited Edition Artist Ornaments

For those who have a passion for fine art and the unique, I’ve gathered up a selection of limited edition Holiday Ornaments designed by various respected artists, illustrators and photographers to turn your Christmas tree into a showcase for contemporary art. Read more

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Jim Dingilian Wipes Away Soot Selectively To Create Bottled Art.

Bottled smoke art 8 IIHIH

You know that black soot that gathers inside the walls of glass-encased candles when burned? Before you just wipe it off with a tissue, think about using a q-tip to discriminately erase parts until you have an image. That’s basically what artist Jim Dingilian does to create his Smoke Art in Bottles. Read more

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