Lacoste Replaces Their Famous Crocodile With Endangered Species

Launched at Paris Fashion Week 2018, fashion and sportswear brand Lacoste and Save Our Species teamed up for a special capsule collection of shirts where the classic crocodile is replaced by ten different threatened species. Read more

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Vintage Guinness Ads by John Gilroy and The New Kinkajou Can

Guinness has launched a limited-edition Guinness Draught can which will be available just in time for fans St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The latest limited-edition collectible can is part of an ongoing series celebrating vintage Guinness ads from the mid 1900s. This year, the kinkajou – which looks a lot like a sloth – is featured on the can. Read more

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London’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition Winners and Exhibit

London’s Natural History Museum in South Kensington has just launched their fifty-third Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. The exhibit features 100 original photographic images that record the beauty and drama of the natural world, from tiny insects to massive mammals. Read more

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A Big Beautiful Book of Sharks. In A Shark Cage.

Taschen has recently released a truly beautiful collector’s edition featuring the breathtaking shark photographs of Michael Muller. The oversized book is presented in its own hand-distressed shark cage made of metal. Read more

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One Sick Puppy Named Suzy Warns Of Buying From Puppy Mills.

Sick Suzy Puppy

What first seems like yet another advertisement for a cuddly plush toy turns out to be one sick puppy. Suzy Puppy is the star of a mock ad designed to raise awareness of the puppy mills, breeders and smugglers selling often ill dogs solely for profit. Read more

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The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service Is A Cat-astrophic Miss.

The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service

South London’s Clapham Common Tube Station has been overrun by cats. Not literally, but for the next two weeks 68 advertisements in the station have been replaced with images of cats by The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (C.A.T.S.).  The feline-festooned station is brought to us as a result of a kickstarter campaign. Read more

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