Dinklage is Spitfire, Freeman is Ice Cold in Lip Synching Super Bowl Battle

Two new PepsiCo products are being launched on Super Bowl LII – Mountain Dew Ice (a lemon-lime beverage) and Doritos Blaze (a hot and spicy version of the classic chip), with a little help from Peter Dinklage, Morgan Freeman, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot in an ad campaign from Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. Read more

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Netflix Is A Joke. New Ad Campaign Promotes Upcoming Stand-Up Specials

To promote upcoming stand-up specials coming to streaming service Netflix, they’ve debuted a new campaign that was teased with mysterious billboards claiming “Netflix Is A Joke”. The campaign’s accompanying tv spot, starring comedians Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Ellen DeGeneres, debuted on Sunday night’s Emmys. Read more

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There IS Crying in Baseball with Budweiser’s Moving Tribute To Jeter’s Number 2.

When a commercial about baseball, a sport about which I have little interest, gives me goosebumps and makes me tear up, it’s worth a share. With the Yankees set to retire Jeter’s number 2 this Sunday, Budweiser takes us along for an emotional ride as the world follows suit in respect. Read more

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Beautifully Absurd MailChimp Campaign Breaks (UPDATED to include ALL the URLs!)

Email marketing platform MailChimp has tapped agency Droga 5 to produce its first large ad campaign. The three one minute long spots, whose quirky direction style is reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s (without the symmetry) are made to emulate bizarre movie trailers. Read more

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A Look At The Best Car Ads On Superbowl LI

I wasn’t going to do a post on this year’s Superbowl ads, but after seeing so many good ones leaked for the automobile industry, I couldn’t stop myself. Several of this year’s car ads for the Championship game are well-directed, well-cast commercials that are too good to miss while taking a pee-break. Read more

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Wes Anderson Directs Come Together, 4 Minute Holiday Ad For H&M


It’s a holiday treat. As an enormous fan of the director, I was happy to see that ever hip department store H&M teamed up with agency Adam & Eve/DDB London to hire Wes Anderson to shot their four minute holiday ad in his inimitable style. Read more

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Shoplifters and Michael Phelps Take Top Honors At 63rd Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

2016 Cannes Lions Grand Prix Winners

As the 63rd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity came to a close, the 2016 Cannes Lions Grand Prix Winners in Film and Film Craft, two of the festival’s top honors, went to UK department store Harvey Nichols and sports brand Under Armour respectively. Read more

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Links To All The 2016 Super Bowl Ads (and All The Rings To Date)

links to all the 2016 super bowl ads

This is the first year I will not be posting about Super Bowl ads because just about everyone else does and it’s so easy to find the ads, to watch them and to learn about them. Instead I will provide you with the best links to watch, follow live and read about all the commercials on the Big Game. And, to top it off, a little Super Bowl bling. Read more

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Puppyhood: 3.5 Minutes Of Dog-Bonding That Will Melt Your Heart.

Puppyhood video

Nestle-owned brand Purina is doing a darn good job with their new “Puppyhood” dedicated website created by the Night Agency and featuring seriously helpful tips, links, instruction videos and everything ‘puppy’ in an effort, of course, to sell more Puppy Chow.

As part of the whole Puppyhood marketing effort, Purina broke this 3.5 minute video on May 29th which is nothing less than adorable – and quickly going viral. Read more

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