McDonald’s Big Mac Inventor Dies But The Burger Lives On In The Big Mac Shop.

Big Mac inventor, Michael “Jim” Delligatti, has gone to the Golden Arches in the sky. Passing away at the age of 98, he created the legendary burger for McDonald’s 50 years ago when wanting a larger option for his customers. The burger has not only been a flagship for the brand but has spawned an official Big Mac Shop selling its likeness on helmets, sleeping bags, raincoats and more. Read more

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Wes Anderson Directs Come Together, 4 Minute Holiday Ad For H&M


It’s a holiday treat. As an enormous fan of the director, I was happy to see that ever hip department store H&M teamed up with agency Adam & Eve/DDB London to hire Wes Anderson to shot their four minute holiday ad in his inimitable style. Read more

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Brian Donnelly Solvent Portrait Paintings

Half Mast, oil paint, turpentine and hand sanitizer on canvas, 48″ x 48″, 2016

Artist Brian Donnelly’s solvent portrait paintings represent subjects whose faces have been distorted as a result of being exposed to turpentine, hand sanitizer, and alcohol. Read more

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Dining Dali Style. Salvador’s Sumptuous 1973 Cookbook Is Reprinted.


Much like his surreal art, Salvador Dali’s original 1973 cookbook contained recipes that are sumptuous and sensual. Re-released in a new printing by Taschen, the book is as much fodder for the eyes as it is for the stomach. Instructions to prepare the Old School cuisine are accompanied by images of his imaginative artwork and his musings on various related subjects such as Dinner conversation. Read more

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YOHANN iPad Stands Designed in Switzerland Are A Knock Out.


Designed in Switzerland and sustainably manufactured in Germany and Italy, The YOHANN is unlike any iPad stand on the market. Invented by Berend Frenzel, a partner of the Basel, Switzerland design firm sillber, and the owner of an architectural firm, the YOHANN is as attractive as it is functional. Read more

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Beautifully Illustrated Christmas Cards For Mid-Century Modern Design Lovers


When it comes to choosing Christmas or Holiday cards this year, fans of nostalgia, vintage and all things mid-century  modern will be thrilled to learn about The Retro Christmas Card Company. A huge selection of fabulously illustrated cards that harken back to the 50s and 60s. Read more

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Turkey & Breasts. Vintage Hollywood Thanksgiving PinUps. [30 pics]

vintage Hollywood Thanksgiving Pinups on if its hip its here

After the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as you await your 2:00pm dinner and football games, I have just the thing to whet your appetite. A collection of vintage pinup photos of established actresses and unknown starlets posing with Thanksgiving props to promote themselves and their movie studios. Read more

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Mickey Mouse Pancakes? Strictly Amateur. Meet The PancakeBot.


If you thought being able to make pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse endeared you to your kids forever, the Pancakebot will significantly up your status. The PancakeBot is the world’s first pancake printer capable of automatically dispensing batter directly onto a griddle in the shape of the user’s choosing. Design your own pancake masterpiece using the free software or choose from the pre-made designs at their website. Read more

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Well, Tickle My Ass With A Turkey Feather! Take A Look At These.


Artist Chris Maynard creates art using a part of the Turkey we don’t eat on Thanksgiving – the feathers. The Olympia, Washington artist delicately cuts and crafts real North American Turkey feathers into beautiful dimensional narratives framed in shadowboxes. Read more

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