Sharpie Drawn Blue Willow Pumpkins!

I’m so gonna do this next year. Amongst the plethora of interesting and unusual Halloween pumpkins, these fabulous sharpie drawn pumpkins by interior designer Alissa Sutton, influenced by the popular Chinese blue and white porcelain pattern, caught my eye. Read more

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The 25 Least Scary Ghosts Ever! Boo!

Instead of the usual blood and gore today on Halloween, I thought I’d share with you some of the most adorable animated ghost gifs out there. They’re so sweet, you won’t even need any Halloween candy. Read more

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Kiehl’s & FAILE Feed The Hungry With Limited Edition Holiday Collection


Each year at Holiday time Kiehl’s teams up with a designer or artist to produce specially designed packaging for some of their most popular products and donates the proceeds to a charity. This year they’ve collaborated with Brooklyn-based artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller of FAILE for Baby Give Back, with proceeds benefiting Feeding America. Read more

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Trending Mash-Up: A Stranger Things Christmas

Trending for the past two days is A Stranger Things Christmas, a pop culture mashup by Leigh Lahav & Oren Mendez. They’ve taken the characters from the world of Stranger Things, animated them in the style of Charles Schultz‘ loveable Peanuts characters, and presented a new animated Christmas tale. Read more

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As Lady Liberty Turns 130, A Comprehensive Visual History

Statue Of Liberty History In Pictures

A gift from France to celebrate our country’s independence, she has has stood over New York Harbor since Oct. 28, 1886. That makes Lady Liberty 130 years old as of yesterday. Read more

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40+ Photos The Refurbished and Remodeled Grace Santorini Boutique Hotel

The luxury boutique hotel carved into the cliff face of Santorini’s volcanic caldera has just received a huge makeover by Fifth Element Interior of London and SMK Interiors of Greece and the results are breathtaking. Read more

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20 Crazy Impressive Pumpkin Carvings by Edward Cabral

Botticelli’s Birth of Venus pumpkin carving by Edward Cabral

Each year at Halloween I feature an outstanding pumpkin carver or company. There are so many out there and so many carving techniques, it’s becoming harder and harder to choose only one. This year, I’m featuring the impressive carving skills of Edward Cabral. Read more

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Conor Harrington Watch Your Palace Fall – All 11 New Paintings

Conor Harrington, The Perils of Infinite Promise, 2016

London-based Irish painter Conor Harrington recently exhibited eleven new fabulous paintings in Watch Your Palace Fall, a show put on by Pace London and HENI Publishing. Read more

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RENDA – Perforated Metal Furniture Inspired by Lace Embroidery.

Inspired by Brazilian embroidery, the RENDA collection of perforated metal furniture by Bianco Barbato Design casts shadows as cool as the products themselves. Read more

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Timorous Beasties Textile Collection for Linn Audio Products

A big fan of Timorous Beasties textile design studio, I was thrilled to see they’ve collaborated with LINN audio products to produce a range of customizable fabric covered speakers for two of the UK brand’s music system models. Read more

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