The Rare Blooming of The Corpse Flower

Corpse Flower at NYBG

The world’s stinkiest flower, the Amorphophallus titanum (Titan Arum) or as it is more commonly called the Corpse Flower, began its bloom Thursday afternoon at the New York Botanical Garden. The bloom, which rarely occurs in cultivation, has a smell similar to rotting meat. Read more

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With The Third Release, We Have The Wes Anderson Book Trifecta

I’m an enormous fan of the work of Wes Anderson and was thrilled to learn that the third Wes Anderson Collection book in a series of NY Times bestselling books about his films has just been published. Bad Dads: Art Inspired by the Films of Wes Anderson showcases the best artwork from what has become Spoke Art Gallery‘s annual exhibition of art inspired by the films of the director. Read more

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10 Adorable Artsy Limited Edition Victorinox Pocket Knives

Victorinox 2016 Limited edition collection

The Victorinox 2016 Limited Edition Collection of the world’s most handy pocket knife, is a result of crowd-sourcing. After receiving hundreds of design submissions, they narrowed down the pool of ideas from 1,022 to 40 and then let Victorinox fans around the world choose their favorite. Here are the top ten selections that have been produced. Read more

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Gorgeous Shanghai Disney Recruitment Posters

Disney Shanghai Recruitment Posters

Last week I shared with you all the cool stuff at the latest Disney Park, Shanghai Disneyland. If you’ll forgive me for going backwards in time, I’d like to show you the beautiful Chinese paper cut-style recruitment posters created to attract employees for the park and designed by Yiying Lu. Read more

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An Outrageously Cool Outdoor Space for Le Monde Winery

Italy’s Le Monde Winery, Cantina Le Monde, hired designer Alessandro Isola to create an outdoor space for both visitors and guests that would strike a balance between public and private. Isola outdid himself with a garden surrounded by corten steel fencing, a swimming and spa pool; sunken teak seating space with timber overhang; and a built-in barbecue area and log store. Read more

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The Modobag Takes The Lug Out Of Luggage.

For those who travel frequently, this has got to be the most useful invention to date. The Modobag is the world’s first motorized ride-able luggage. No more lugging around an unwieldy suitcase or sifting through your pockets for quarters to get one of those utility carts in an airport. Now you can just sit on your bag as it propels you to your destination. Read more

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Grace Chon Proves Even Dogs Can Have Good Hair Days

With her latest series photographer Grace Chon, the woman who captured our hearts with her images of rescue dog Zoey and her son Jasper, has done it again. Read more

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Can A Copywriter Survive In the Wilderness Off Only His Clients’ Brands?

Lee eats a beetle while living off the brands of his ad agency's client roster
Lee eats a beetle while living off the brands on his ad agency’s client roster

Oregon-based Ad agency Roundhouse made good on the idea of “living their clients’ brands.” They challenged their employee, copywriter Lee Kimball, to survive the wilderness by subsisting only on products created by those brands on their client roster. Read more

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Shanghai Disneyland Attractions, Art & Innovations (45+ Great photos)

Five weeks ago Disney Parks opened their latest theme park and resort, Shanghai Disneyland, their first in China. Like all Disney projects, the design, the technological innovations, the art and attractions of the park are wonderfully detailed and visually captivating. Read more

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The Tech Behind The Chemical Brothers Wide Open Music Video

Directed by duo Dom&Nic, the latest music video for The Chemical Brothers’ Wide Open, featuring the vocals of Beck and the dancing of Sonoya Mizuno, may just look like some cool special effects to you. However, when looking at the immense amount of technological and digital work that went into the one, long unbroken take, you’ll have a new appreciation for the 5.5 minute long video. Read more

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