Rarely Seen, Previously Unpublished Diane Arbus Photos Make Their Debut. Here’s 20.

previously unplublished diane arbus photos

As part of the inaugural season at The Met Breuer, early works of Diane Arbus consisting of several previously unseen, never exhibited and unpublished early works of the photographer will be exhibited to the public. Here’s a sneak peek at 20 of the photos. Read more

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It’s Memorial Day. Why I Am I Not On One Of These?

amazing yacht pools

While barbeques, beach bonfires and days at the park are lovely ways to spend Memorial Day*, I think that lounging by one of these superyacht swimming pools and spa pools would be preferable to a hedonist like myself. Read more

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Waterscape. Haruka Misawa’s Artsy Aquarium Exhibit.

Waterscapes aquarium exhibit

Former Nendo alum and the present creative director of Japanese retail company Muji, Haruka Misawa has designed the Waterscape Aquarium Exhibit, a series of small architectural and artsy aquariums for fish, turtles and plant life held at his Misawa Design Institute. Read more

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Hitchcock + Lucas = Sci Fi Noir: Darth by Darthwest

darth by darthwest

I love when I find creative combinations of two of my favorite things. So when I came across this nicely done mashup of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 classic North by Northwest with bits from George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise, I was in Sci-Fi Noir heaven. Read more

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The Caventou Current Table and Current Windows Will Amaze You.

CAVENTOU Current Table and Current windows

What if your windows and tables did more than just give you a view to the outdoors and a place to eat or work upon? The people behind Caventou have come up with ingenious technology that gives tables and windows the ability to harvest energy indoors and generate their own electricity. Read more

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Mirrors: Hauntingly Surrealistic Oil Paintings by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan

Tigran Tsitoghdzyan Paintings

Painting is nothing new for artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan. He began working with watercolors at the age of 4. Considered a child prodigy at the age of 10, the late Armenian art critic and founder of the world’s first child museum, Henrik Igityan, chose over one hundred of Tigran’s childhood paintings to appear in a 1986 traveling solo exhibition. Read more

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Paradise Is The Wall House in Portugal With Two Perpendicular Pools

With 2 swimming pools, one of which has a glass bottom and floats above the other, the concrete, wood and glass Wall House in Portugal designed by Guedes Cruz Architects is a bit of Paradise perched on a golf course. Read more

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