Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You: Bodhi The Menswear Dog

Bodhi The Menswear Dog

Bodhi The Menswear Dog is yet another beautiful Shiba Inu from my multi-part series of dogs who have more followers than you – and rightly so. A true model of a dog, he is known as  The Most Stylish Dog in the World. Read more

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Wildlife and Wild Tents: The Highlands Ngorongoro.

the highlands ngorongoro

Considering an African adventure?  Asilia‘s soon-to-open Highlands Camp in the Ngorongo Conservation Area will offer unique, domed tented accommodations loaded with amenities. Offering several different types of activities and Safaris, while employing environmentally conscious practices, the new destination combines high-style with low impact. Read more

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Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You: Maru The Shiba Inu

Maru The Shiba Inu

Continuing my multi-part series of dogs made famous via social media, here’s number three – the third of ten dogs who deserves more followers than you. Meet Maru, the most popular dog in the world. Read more

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50 One-Of-A-Kind NFL Footballs Up For Auction

One-Of-A-Kind NFL Footballs

The Council of Fashion Designers of America have teamed up with NFL and invited 50 fashion designers and companies to create bespoke footballs in celebration of this years Super Bowl. Read more

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LEGO Launches First Disabled Figure Thanks To Toy Like Me

LEGO launches first disabled figure

Kudos to LEGO for being the first toymaker to positively respond to Rebecca Atkinson’s call to celebrate disabled kids worldwide by encouraging the toy industry and children’s TV to better culturally represent the 150 million disabled kids worldwide. Read more

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Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You: Doug The Pug

The Second Of Ten Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You

Today you are going to meet the second of ten dogs who deserve more followers than you: Doug The Pug, King of Pop Culture. Continuing with my  multi-part series of dogs who have become famous on the internet, I bring you this little guy who has over a million followers on Instagram. As soon as you see these photos, you’ll know why they outrank you in terms of popularity. Read more

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Sebastian Errazuriz Magistral Chest Is One Sharp Looking Cabinet.

sebastian errazuriz magistral chest

Designer Sebastian Errazuriz’ Magistral Chest takes the quills from his 2010 Porcupine Cabinet to the extreme with this imposing maple, bamboo and plywood piece of furniture. Read more

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Meet 10 Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You

dogs to follow on instagram
above: Theron Humphrey’s beautiful coonhound Maddie

Boo the Pomeranian was the first canine I know of to become an Internet sensation. With his tiny toy like looks and adorable haircut, he has over 17 million fans on his Facebook page. He’s the subject of four photo books and has 615k followers on Instagram. He even got a deal from Virgin America Inc to be its official “pet liaison.”

Boo has become ‘old news’ as more and more dogs have become celebrities via social media. Some warranted, some not so much. In a multi-part series, I’m going to introduce you to ten dogs, one at a time, who will tug at your heart and blow your mind with the fact that they have hundreds of thousands- in some cases millions- of followers on social media. Read more

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Marcel Wanders Portable Lounge Chair for Louis Vuitton

Marcel Wanders folding lounge chair for Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades

Marcel Wanders’ Lounge Chair, presented at Design Miami, is a recent addition to Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades showcase. The series is a special collection of foldable furniture and travel accessories, created in collaboration with international designers. Read more

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