More Designers Dress Snoopy & Belle in Fashion – See All 30 New Ones

designers dress snoopy & belle

The new exhibition entitled “Snoopy and Belle in Fashion presented by MetLife” brings together Snoopy and his sister Belle with the world’s foremost design talent and visionaries. A continuing project since the early 80’s, here are the latest couturiers to dress the Peanut’s icon and his sister. Read more

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The Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile Concept by Mercedes-Benz [30 Photos]

Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile Concept by Mercedes-Benz

One look at this 4 door coupe from Mercedes-Benz and you’ll swear the future is here. The “Concept IAA” (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) exemplifies both the advances in aerodynamic design and the fundamental technological changes which are taking place in the automobile industry. Read more

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Socks Specifically Designed for Art Lovers and Film Buffs

chatty feet socks

While there are plenty of fun novelty socks on the market, ChattyFeet has 20 different designers who create their quirky socks for men, women and children. And they stand-out for being well-designed and better-looking than most. Read more

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Beer Drinking Turns Classy With Sempli Monti Glassware

Sempli Beer Glasses

Now that craft beers are all the rage, they deserve an equally considered glass from which to drink them. These four glasses will turn any beer – be it a special seasonal offering or piss-water in a can – into a respectable looking beverage. Read more

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Marijuana Grow Boxes Go High Tech: Leaf Cannabis Home Growing System

Those in the 23 states where medical marijuana has been legalized have no doubt seen the Cannabis business booming. In the past few years a multitude of dispenseries, high-end paraphernalia such as luxury vapes, marijana friendly lodging, services that deliver and subscription services likePotbox have emerged. Now you can add a high-tech system that allows you to grow your own to the list. Read more

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A Hot Idea: Fireplaces Built Into Furniture

buhler fireplaces

For three generations now, Bühler Furniture of Canada has been designing furniture for homes and commercial applications. They make a range of items but it’s their collection of fireplaces that combine cabinets, sideboards and media consoles with ventless fireplace inserts that really intrigue me. Read more

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Don’t Feed The Furniture! The Most Awesome Animal Furniture.

Awesome Animal Furniture

When it comes to purchasing home storage, you can always buy a bookcase, shelves, an end table or a Camel. You heard me right, I said Camel. And if you’re not a fan of the Bactrian, you can choose an elephant, rhino, horse, lion, bear, polar bear, gorilla, moose, deer, goat, cow and even a triceratops. Read more

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