Studio Job Wunderkammer: A Magical Installation at Austria’s Swarovski Museum

Studio Job Wunderkammer hero alt IIHIH

Permanently installed at the newly renovated Swarovski Museum in Austria is Studio Job’s “wondrous room about saying goodbye. About letting go of what once seemed to have no end.” Read more

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The Vipp Shelter Is Loaded With Style – And Their Products.

The Vipp Shelter

Vipp, the Danish company best known for their pedal bins, now offers a 592 sqft (55 sqm) “shelter”. The prefab plug and play getaway allows you to escape urban chaos in an all-inclusive glass and steel sanctuary. Read more

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The World’s First Whirlpool Tub Carved From A Single Piece of Marble or Stone.

Neutra Hydrowell Tub

The Hydrowell by CRS from Neutra Design of Italy is the world’s first whirlpool bath carved entirely from a single block of marble or stone. Read more

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Colorful, Compact and Kickass Amphion Helium 410 Speakers

amphion helium 410 speakers

The Helium 410 from Finland’s Amphion is a compact loudspeaker of modern design that works without a subwoofer and is suited to the rapidly changing technological lifestyle. Advanced engineering gives them full-bodied sound and clarity despite their small size whether you’re watching a movie on your tv or streaming music. Read more

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A Game Controller For Grown-Ups With Good Taste.

luxury game controller

Just because you like playing online or video games does not mean you still keep a large jar of pennies in your room or have your mattress on the floor (though some of you may). There are plenty of sophisticated folks who like spending a few hours in front of their monitor clutching a game controller. For them, Kem Studio has designed the S1 – a beautiful, functional, luxury game controller. Read more

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Seinfeld Apartment Replica and Mini Museum Promote Hulu’s Streaming of the 90’s Comedy

Seinfeld-Apartment-replica1 IIHIH

As of yesterday, June 24th, Hulu has begun streaming the beloved ’90s comedy, Seinfeld. To promote the launch of the availability of every single episode of the hilarious show about ‘nothing’ a pop-up replication of Jerry’s Upper West Side apartment and a Mini Museum have opened in downtown New York. Read more

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The INOUT House in Costa Rica by architect Joan Puigcorbé

It’s long, linear and lovely. The INOUT House in Costa Rica is a newly built modern home that brings the outdoors in by way of large glass horizontal panes that frame the structure, skyights and an atrium. Even the inviting L-shaped pool breaks the barrier between indoors and out. Read more

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The New Bowlus Road Chief Will Drive You Crazy With Desire. (40 photos)

2015 Bowlus Road Chief

Once you see the Bowlus Road Chief, you’ll ask “Airstream who?” This mirror-shiny, riveted bullet-like luxury trailer is outfitted with your choice of three stunning interiors all of which include hand-fitted wood paneling, polished aluminum and stainless steel countertops. The elegantly appointed trailer has paid attention to every detail. Read more

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Beer Beauty – New Grooming Products for Men From Carlsberg

shampoo on towel cu

Three of the main ingredients found in Carlsberg lager: barley, hops and yeast, are rich in vitamin B and silicium and are known to have beautifying properties for both hair and skin. With that in mind, Carlsberg labs has launched a limited edition trio of grooming products for men called Beer Beauty. Read more

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Hairy Underpants and Undershirts Are Back and Even Better Than Before.

Hairy Underpants and Undershirts

Five years ago I featured the hilarious hair-printed undergarments by a pair of female designers from Finland named Nutty Tarts. But the sale of their leggings, undershirts and underwear which added body hair to the hairless ceased a few years back. Now they have launched a new, updated collection and it’s even funnier. Read more

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