Puppyhood: 3.5 Minutes Of Dog-Bonding That Will Melt Your Heart.

Puppyhood video

Nestle-owned brand Purina is doing a darn good job with their new “Puppyhood” dedicated website created by the Night Agency and featuring seriously helpful tips, links, instruction videos and everything ‘puppy’ in an effort, of course, to sell more Puppy Chow.

As part of the whole Puppyhood marketing effort, Purina broke this 3.5 minute video on May 29th which is nothing less than adorable – and quickly going viral. Read more

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SchadenFreezers – The Most Bitter Popsicles in The World.

Bitter Popsicles

Advertising co-workers and longtime friends friends Matt Moore and Jason Kreher created a fun project inspired by Schadenfreude, the pleasure one derives from the misfortunes of others. Only it has a sweet twist. SchadenFreezers are Popsicles whose wooden sticks reveal some snarky, random and mean-spirited thoughts when melted. Read more

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FLEYE Danish Designer Eyewear To Die For

Fleye hero with Nima and Cosmos IIHIH

Danish brand FLEYE, which is short for Fine Looking Eye, has been crafting feather-light and fashionable eyewear in their original designs since 2002. Made from allergy-friendly and feather-light materials, every design is born at FLEYE’s residence; an architect designed manor house in the idyllic countryside outside Copenhagen, Denmark. Read more

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Colorful Kandinsky Inspired Home Interior by Brani & Desi

Expressionist Home Interior

Bulgarian Interior Design firm Brani & Desi (identical twins Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova), formerly known as Gemelli Design, create bold and impactful interiors that are not for the timid. Recently featured on the cover of the March issue 2015 of USA’s Interior Design magazine was the firm’s remake of a 2,400 square foot home in Sofia. The project titled ‘Life in Expressionism’ was inspired by the Expressionist art movement in which color and form were combined to provoke emotion. Read more

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HALO – The Limited Edition Crazy Colored Carbon Fiber Chair

Halo chair carbon fiber hero IIHIH

We’ve seen a few sexy bathtubs for the home made of carbon fiber, such as the Vessel and the N°1 by Corcel. Now, made with the world’s first colored carbon fiber, Hypetex, the Halo chair by designer Michael Sodeau is the first produced colored carbon fiber design product on the market. Read more

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U.S. Military Tribute Paintings, Sketches and Studies by Charles Kapsner

CGK in front of Coast Guard in progress IIHIH

Almost 8 years ago now, The Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery Memorial Association commissioned artist Charles Gilbert Kapsner to design and paint five large oil paintings to pay tribute to the men and women of the five branches of the United States Military: Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy. Read more

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When Is Ham Worthy Of A Blog Post? When It’s Extrem Puro Extremadura Package Design..

Extrem Puro Extremadura Package Design

Pork, Ham, Sausage? On an art and design blog? Yep, that’s because this particular brand of ham products are cultivated, cured, processed, packaged and marketed as though it were expensive jewelry. And rightly so. Foodies, get ready to meet Spain’s Extrem Puro Extremadura, beautifully packaged and branded pure Iberian acorn-fed ham of the highest quality. Read more

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Robin Williams Tribute and Pop Culture Nesting Dolls by Andy Stattmiller.

robin williams and pop culture nesting dolls hero IIHIH

After spotting artist Andy Stattmiller’s Russian Nesting Doll Tribute to Robin Williams as a user submission on Bored Panda, I wanted to see if he’d made any others. Looking led me to his wonderfully hand-painted wooden Matryoshka inspired by pop culture cult faves Batman, The Big Lebowski and Breaking Bad. Read more

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Nixxi Rose’s Game of Thrones Iron Shoes Are Available To Order

iron throne shoes hero IIHIH

Nixxi Rose, fan of all things goulish, goth and gory, creates wild custom shoes in addition to her accessories, cosmetics and jewelry. Lately, the multi-talented 23 year old designer from the South of England has had her hands full cranking out high heels inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones. Read more

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