Olson Kundig Architects’ Studhorse Wins 2015 AIA Housing Award for Architecture.

studhorse hero IIHIH

A 2015 Recipient of the AIA Housing Awards is the beautiful residential home, Studhorse, of Shane and Tasha Atchison designed by Olson Kundig Architects Read more

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The McDonalds BagTray Is An Ingenious Invention.

McDonalds BagTray

The BagTray is an inventive solution to make eating McDonald’s “To Go” or “Takeaway” more convenient. Created by ad agency DDB Budapest in an effort to create a positive new way to refresh the take-out food experience, the bag in which your food is packaged has a built-in tray at the base. Read more

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Rural Life is Top of Mind in the Skull Sculptures of Frodo Mikkelsen.

skulls of frodo mikkelsen hero IIHIH

Artist Frodo Mikkelsen (b. 1974) began as a street artist and continues to work in various mediums including painting, collage and sculpture. His ongoing series of cast animal and human skulls were inspired by the idea of reincarnation and serve as the literal and figural foundation for quaint buildings, cabins, farms, water towers, wildlife and other rural scenarios. Read more

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The Hot Back To School Item – Interactive Pixel Bags and Where To Get ‘Em.

Pixel bar hero IIHIH

A rapidly growing trend throughout Europe  – and hoping to catch on here in the US – are these interactive Pixel Bags. Engaging and creative backpacks, school bags and messenger bags for kids that allow them to show off and/or create their own favorite characters and artwork. Read more

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The First Official Star Wars Passenger Plane, The R2-D2 Jet, Gets Off The Ground.

R2-D2 Jet hero IIHIH

Taking off in Autumn 2015 is All Nippon Airways’ newest 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, the “R2-D2 Jet.” The new livery will spread its wings worldwide and marks the beginning of a five year ANA Star Wars™ Project and agreement with The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.* Read more

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Compact Worlds. Literally. By Artist Kendal Murray.

Kendal Murray's Compact Worlds

Australian artist Kendal Murray works in miniature to create playful little narratives imbued with social, symbolic and personal meaning. Setting the stage for these tiny mixed media scenarios are grass-covered coin purses, glass teapots and the ones that intrigue me the most – metal mirrored compacts. Read more

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Dark Cookies with a Dark Sense of Humor (and Great Design)

pechkeks misfortune cookies

Other companies offer fortune cookies with not so fortunate messages inside them, but it’s the black cookie, fabulous package design and stylish branding that make Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies the hippest on the market. Read more

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Gorgeous Greek Getaway: Villa Aqua et Terra In Crete


Looking for a great getaway? The gorgeous 4 bedroom Villa Aqua et Terra in Crete, Greece has breathtaking views, a gourmet kitchen and inviting plunge pool. The appealing rental’s architecture is comprised of elemental glass, wood and steel and is set against the natural dramatic rock formations. Read more

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