Leonard Nimoy, We Salute You.

tribute to leonard nimoy

Next to ‘flipping the bird’ and the ‘thumbs up’ the Vulcan Salute, made famous by Leonard Nimoy as Star Trek’s Spock, is the most recognized hand gesture in the world. Nimoy passed away this morning at the age of 83, leaving behind many saddened friends and fans. Read more

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“The Dress” Drama, Celebs, Brands and The Frock (Which Comes in 4 Colors).

roman originals bodycon dress colors IIHIH

Unless you were ‘off the grid’ for the past 24 hours, you had to have read, engaged in or at least heard about the color controversy surrounding #TheDress.  Now that we know the dress actually is Blue and Black, here’s a bit about the dress drama (#Dressgate) and the frock itself. Including the fact that it comes in 4 color variations, none of which are White and Gold. Read more

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Artist Launches BitchCoin As A Way of Investing In Her Work.

Artist Launches BitchCoin

“BitchCoin,” is a digital currency developed with young artist Sarah Meyohas in collaboration with “Where”- a think tank and exhibition space in Brooklyn, New York. The project allows you to invest in Meyohas’ talent via her photographic prints, at a fixed rate of 1 BitchCoin to 25 square inches. Read more

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Dito Von Tease Gives The Finger To Famous Faces.

Dito Von Tease Gives The Finger To Famous Faces at if it's hip, it's here

An Italian artist and art director who uses the internet moniker ‘Dito Von Tease’ has a fun on-going project called Ditology. In Ditology he transforms his own index finger into portraits of everyone from well-known politicians to iconic cartoon characters. Celebrities, movie characters, Dictators, even famous art subjects get the point. Read more

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Grow Your Own Fun Shaped Fruit. Molds For Pears, Apples, Melons & More.

molds for shaped fruit IIHIH

It’s the type of thing that gets featured on tv programs about things that are ‘incredible.’ You may have seen images of them on sites that feature the Bizarre and Unusual. Or in articles about manipulated foods or foods of the future. But those Buddha and baby shaped pears, square and heart shaped watermelons, star shaped cucumbers and apples with words on them are made simply by forcing the fruit to grow in plastic moulds made by the aptly named Fruit Mould Company of China. Read more

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Oscars Art Series: Artists Create Posters For The 87th Academy Awards.

hattie stewart oscar art IIHIH

These are the types of things most people never see unless they really scour the Academy’s website. These commissioned poster designs by 14 worldwide artists and graphic designers were inspired by this year’s show and the phrase, “Imagine What’s Possible.”  The most shared designs of these will be featured on the Oscars red carpet tonight. Read more

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Iconic Oscar Dresses Worn By Actresses Through The Decades, New for 2015.

Iconic Oscar Dresses by Actress

You may recall last year’s viral infographic featuring every dress worn by winners of the Best Actress Oscar from 1929 – 2013, created by UK’s creative company Big Group. This year, they’ve taken it a step further creating an interactive website that features more details and more sketches of past Oscar dresses. You can peruse by actress, decade, age, designer or color. I’ve chosen to share them with you, grouped by actress. Read more

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Star Wars Buddhas – Big-Bellied Zen Versions of Darth, Yoda & More.

Star Wars - Zen Buddhas Quad IIHIH

Villianous and heroic Star Wars characters Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett and many more are depicted as 3D printed versions of Buddha. Seated cross-legged with big round bellies, the colorful characters are created by artist Chris Milnes. Read more

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