5 Obnoxiously Ornate Bathtubs from Maison Valentina.

maison-valentina newton tub hero IIHIH

More proof that money doesn’t buy taste are the latest Luxury Bathroom designs from Maison Valentina. Recently unveiled at Maison et Objet in Paris, their ornately designed modern bathtubs are so outrageous and ornate they are actually ugly (as are many of their products). The following five tubs (whose prices are only available upon request) incorporate gold plating, silver leaf, lacquered brass and very unusual shapes. Read more

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See How They Made The Brady Bunch Snickers Super Bowl Spot (and The Original Episode)

How They Made The Brady Bunch Snickers Super Bowl Spot

BBDO New York has taken a scene from one of the best and most memorable Brady Bunch episodes, replaced characters Marcia with actor Danny Trejo and the always angst-ridden Jan with actor Steve Buscemi to create a hilarious teaser and Snickers commercial to air in the 2015 Super Bowl. Read more

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Bavarian HI-MACS House is A Vision In White, Indoors and Out.

The HI-MACS® House in Bavaria is a modern home and stunning outdoor pool and terrace created predominantly with an innovative acrylic mineral material called HI-MACS. Both the interior and exterior were completed using HI-MACS in Solid Alpine White for most of the surfaces, the flooring, the furniture (indoor and outdoor) walls, model making, facade, decking, outdoor shower and even the lining of the pool. Read more

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Katie Couric & Bryant Gumbel In BMW Super Bowl Ad + Behind The Scenes, Outtakes & More!

Katie Couric & Bryant Gumbel In BMW super bowl ad

Newscasters Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel venture back to 1994 when the internet was completely foreign to them. Cut to the present for a reunion as they are equally perplexed by an all-electric BMW i3 in this fun Super Bowl spot called “Newfangled Idea” Read more

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Crash Baggage – Cool Looking Luggage That Refutes “Handle With Care”


Venetian designer Francesco Pavia has reinvented the suitcase (or trolley) as a pre-damaged looking piece of luggage. Purposely dinged and dented Crash Baggage are hardshell cases on wheels in beautiful matte and shiny colors. Already featured in the hippest design mags, shops and shows in Europe and Asia, Crash Baggage is well-designed, durable and made from 100% sustainable plastic. Read more

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The Super Bowl Spot That Pissed Off Puppy Lovers.

The 2015 Super Bowl spot for GoDaddy by creative agency Barton F. Graf 9000 that grabbed your attention with an adorable Golden Retriever puppy only to surprise you with a very unexpected ending, made the fur on many a dog-lover stand up. Petitions, articles and You Tube comments were so negative that Go Daddy caved and made the decision yesterday afternoon to pull the spot from the game. This dog-lover was truly surprised at the number of people outraged about this, because it was funny advertising for the internet registrar and web-hosting company. Read more

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Super Smart Super Bowl Spot for Kia: The Perfect Getaway

Super Bowl Spot for Kia

Now here’s an example of a super smart Super Bowl spot. This extended version of the ad for the 2016 Kia Sorento by David & Goliath and starring Pierce Brosnan pokes fun at over-the-top Super Bowl ads while intelligently extolling the virtues of the vehicle. Read more

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The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Andy Warhol Collection

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Andy Warhol Collection

Converse Inc. announces the global debut of the Spring 2015 Converse All Star Andy Warhol Collection in partnership with The Andy Warhol Foundation. Marrying Warhol’s distinct vision with the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, the partnership between two pop culture icons celebrates creative self-expression and pays homage to the visionary artist. Read more

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Geek Decor: The Millenium Falcon or The USS Enterprise Area Rug.

star wars and star trek area rugs

Star Wars and Star Trek Area Rugs. Two futuristic forms of transport are now available as floor coverings. You can choose to geek out with either The Official Star Wars Millenium Falcon Rug or the Star Trek USS Enterprise Rug. Or if you’re super geeky, both. The cozy plush pile rugs of polyester are selling at at warp speed, so get yours now. Read more

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12 Months of Bearded Fun – 2015 Calendar by Stephanie Jarstad.

A Beard for all Seasons 2015 Calendar

The A Beard for all Seasons 2015 Calendar is a personal project by photographer Stephanie Jarstad. Inspired as she stood in line at a Seattle Starbucks surrounded by hairy chins and Mochaccinos, she decided to try shooting 12 fun beards to represent each month while working in Utah on another project. The 12 month calendar, which is available for purchase, was created to raise awareness for Movember to support men’s health. Read more

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