10 Expensive Purchases Worth Every Penny.

10 purchases worth every penny IIHIH

For my final post of 2014, I thought I’d give my readers the benefit of my being an Über-Consumer and share with you ten pricey items I’ve never, ever regretted buying. Not for an instant. Read more

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An Insanely Difficult Puzzle For Color Lovers.

1000 Colours puzzle

The 1000 Colours puzzle was designed by artist Clement Habicht and produced in conjunction with Lamington Drive Editions. The challenging puzzle contains individually solid-colored pieces that when assembled represent the full range of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks in the four color ink printing process. Read more

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The Best Beautifully Bottled Bubbly For New Year’s Eve.

The Best Beautifully Bottled Bubbly

A selection of ten uniquely bottled or packaged champagnes and sparkling wines for New Year’s Eve. Some benefit charities, most benefit taste buds and all benefit the eyes. Bring one of these bottled beauties to a New Year’s Eve party (or break into one of these at home) and you can start off the New Year with no regrets (assuming you don’t drink too much of it). Read more

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Millenials Spend More on Christmas Gifts Than Others. And We Thought They Were Self-Absorbed.

christmas spending infographic

They may be self-absorbed with their selfies and short-attention spans, but it turns out that, according to the following Shift Communications Christmas Spending Infographic, Millenials (ages 18-34) are actually more generous than the rest of us when it comes to spending money on Christmas gifts. At least in the United States. Read more

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Paintbrush Portraits by Rebecca Szeto


San Francisco artist Rebecca Szeto’s ‘Leisure & Labor – Trash & Treasure’ is an ongoing series she began in 1999. It’s comprised of hand-carved wooden paintbrushes embellished with oil painted portraits. Offering what she terms “a critique on consumerism”, the series plays with the notions of beauty and values, women’s roles in society and class dynamics. Read more

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Nuna Is One Pretty Popsicle With Branding As Tasty As The Treat.

Nuna popsicle IIHIH

This is what happens when an architect and a designer create a popsicle. You get something whose design exemplifies good taste and that actually tastes good.  At least that is the case with Nuna. A beautiful array of exotic flavored ice pops, comprised of natural ingredients, with equally tasty branding and design. Read more

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A Little More Naughty Than Nice, 31 Classic Christmas Pin-Ups To Add Some Spice.

classic christmas pin-ups

To add a little heat to your Christmas day, I’ve rounded up 31 (one for each day of December) vintage illustrated Classic Christmas Pin-ups and December Calendar Girls for you. These illustrations were created for Esquire, various advertisements, calendars and posters. The drawings shown here are by both well known and lesser known illustrators of the genre and range from the 40s to the 60s. Read more

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Christmas Dogs Paddy and Raggle by Photographer Peter Thorpe

christmas dogs by Peter Thorpe

Christmas Dogs by photographer Peter Thorpe is an adorable series in which he has been dressing up his obliging dogs – first Paddy, then Raggle –  every year for their family Christmas Cards. Both dogs’ patience and star quality combined with Peter’s photography, own handmade props and no Photoshop have made these cards cute, clever and of course, Christmas-y. Read more

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