The 2014 This Old House Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners (all 30)

this old house haunted pumpkin

For yet another year, enthusiastic pumpkin carvers put their imagination and skill to work shaping the orange squash into impressive creations for the annual This Old House Pumpkin Carving Competition. Here are the 29 finalists and 2014’s grand prize winner. Read more

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The Cannador: Elegant Curing and Storage for the Cannabis Connoisseur.

Now that marijuana has been legalized for medical purposes in a few states, the options for gear and paraphernalia are increasing. One of the more fancy schmancy products now available is the Cannador, a high-end humidification box for herbs clad in Walnut or Cherry wood with a solid mahogany interior available in two sizes. The Cannador maintains perfect relative humidity at 65% RH for either short or long-term storage. Read more

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Schylling Introduces Star Wars Tin Kaleidoscopes & Wind-Up Toys.

Schylling Star Wars Collection

Schylling, the company best known for their classic and contemporary tin toys has released a special Star Wars collection of beautifully lithographed large wind up toys and kaleidoscopes for collectors, kids and enthusiasts. Read more

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2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition: The Winning Photos

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014  Grand title winner  Winner 2014  Black and White  Michael 'Nick' Nichols, USA

Celebrating its 50th year, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has just announced the winners for 2014. I have each of the stunning winning photos from all the adult categories to share with you. Read more

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30 Photos of the Magical Harry Potter-Themed Rooms In The Georgian House.

georgian hotel HP rooms 1 IIHIH

It’s every Muggle’s dream. At least for fans of the JK Rowling series of Harry Potter books and movies -an opportunity to stay in the Wizard’s Chambers. Read more

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The Thug Kitchen Cookbook and its No F*cking Bullshit Promotion

thug kitchen hero

The popular website Thug Kitchen has released their first cookbook, a breath of fresh air amongst the pretty and pretentious healthy-eating cookbooks on the market. The edgy cookbook has been promoted with a very explicit, but absolutely hilarious, trailer as you would expect from a company whose tagline is “Eat like you give a fuck.” Read more

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The Reinast $4200 Titanium Toothbrush. Yep, I said $4200 Toothbrush.

reinast toothbrush hero IIHIH

What could possibly make a toothbrush cost more than a decade of dental insurance premiums? The Reinast is a German precision-engineered, full titanium body toothbrush that claims to have unparalleled durable strength and biocompatability.* Its lightweight, ergonomic design has an antibacterial coating applied to the most critical point, the interface between toothbrush and replaceable brush head. Although the exorbitant price does not include a Dental Hygienist, included are five new bristle heads sent to you every six months.) Read more

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Something Wicked This Way Rolls. 12 Creepy Bowling Balls.

Creepy Bowling Balls

Given the spooky time of year, I was thinking about the beautifully designed zombie head  13th Street bowling balls by illustrator Oliver Paass for ad agency Jung von Matt 2011 TV promotion for German Horror Channel 13th Street. This got me wondering about frightening-looking bowling balls and which, if any, were available to buy. Read more

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Brent Sims’ Grave Shivers – 3 Tales Of Things That Go Bump In The Night.

brent sims grave shivers2 IIHIH

A dark legend tells of a mysterious book with no identifiable author, the only thing known of its contents, its subject matter, is that it has magical… endless pages that contain stories of horror, wonder, and dread. Read more

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Holographic Fairies Caught In Jam Jars Are Musically Magical Video Sculptures.

jam jar fairy hero IIHIH

What could be prettier than fireflies in a jam jar? How about fairies? Originally developed for the Royal Shakespeare Company as an art and sound installation, Jam Jar Fairies were 8 holographic fairies captured in jars who, by knocking on the glass, create a polyphonic musical composition.

The spectacular sprites have since been developed as individual video sculptures and are now available for purchase. Read more

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