Jessica Harrison’s Flesh Series of Miniatures Will Make Your Skin Crawl.

jessica harrison flesh series hero IIHIH

UK Artist Jessica Harrison works in various media, from porcelain to stone to what looks like frighteningly real flesh. Her series of miniature pieces of furniture made to look as though they were created from human skin are equally compelling and repulsive. Some even have hair. Eeeuuuwww. Read more

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Marble Circles – A Radical Area Rug by Patricia Urquiola For Budri

marble circles
Marble Circles was created by designer Patricia Urquiola as part of Italian company Budri’s Nat/f/Use collection. The unusual area rug /carpet consists of inlaid and open work lace patterns held together by a fluorescent yellow rope. Together they create an area rug reminiscent of stepping stones. Read more

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The Cartier d’Art Watches for 2014 – A Gemstone Tiger and Gold Leaf Falcon

Cartier d'art Watch bengal tiger closeup IIHIH

Cartier introduced several new and stunning watches to their horology collection this year. Amongst them are the exceptional and rare Carter d’Art Watches. Read more

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Exploding Spices, Tastefully Done. Grey London for Schwartz Flavour Shots.

Schwartz Flavour Shots hero IIHIH

It’s never easy to show how a product feels or tastes, but director Chris Cairns and ad agency Grey London came as close to it as one can. This unexpectedly pretty slo-mo visual interpretation of taste was created to launch Schwartz Flavour Shots, a range of herb and spice oil infusions. Continue on to view the work and get a look behind the scenes to see how it was done. Read more

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Style Meets Surfing With Super Cool Cynthia Rowley Wetsuits.

Cynthia Rowley Wetsuits hero IIHIH

Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley has launched a line of lightweight 2mm Fiber-Lite Neoprene wetsuits that are incredibly stylish. Modern color blocking, madras, lace, fruit, floral and polka dots on long sleeved short spring wetsuits will make you the envy of the ocean. Read more

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Funland, A Carnal Carnival, Opens At The Museum Of Sex.

Funland hero IIHIH

An unusual interactive art installation opens today at New York’s Museum of Sex. Funland features a giant breast moonbounce, racing phallic symbols, Grope Mountain and other carnal carnival attractions. Read more

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5 Years Later, A Look Back At the Weirdest Michael Jackson Moments.


It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since the King Of Pop moon-walked out of our lives. His music continues to live on both in its original form as well as its influence on many music artists today. But it’s hard to forget some of the weirder moments in Michael Jackson’s too short of a life. These are probably the pictures he’d most like you to forget. Read more

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