What The Ballers Are Drinking Tonight: Moët’s $6200 Luxury Leopard Methuselah Of Rosé Champagne.

Moët’s $6200 Luxury Leopard Methuselah Of Rosé Champagne

As you’re toasting the new year tonight with your $20 bottle of champagne from the local liquor outlet, the hip crowd at night clubs and a select number of the elite (or perhaps, extravagant) will be sipping something from a bottle they don’t dare to trash once it’s empty. Read more

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You Thought Packaging Tape Was For Shipping Boxes, But Mark Khaisman Proves Otherwise.

Artist Mark Khaisman, originally from the Ukraine and now based in Philadelphia, uses packaging tape in a very different manner than you do. Applying layers of 2″ wide translucent and clear packing tape to backlit panels, he uses the play of shadow, depth, shape and color to create images of objects, portraits, patterns or motifs and the re-creation of movie and film noir stills. The results are reminiscent of digitized or pixelated photos, only with a depth and tactile quality that is unique to his work. Read more

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Champagne Cooler With Branches To Hold The Bubbly. The Enchanting Tree for Perrier Jouet Champagne by Tord Boontje.

As part of its artistic heritage, Perrier-Jouët continues its tradition of supporting and collaborating with artists and designers. This year the brand unveiled “The Enchanting Tree”, a creation that reinvents the gesture of champagne. Read more

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Pop Culture Carved Crayons By Hoang Tran Will Color You Excited.

Pop Culture Carved Crayons

Although not the first artist to carve images from Crayola crayons, Hoang Tran of Sunnyvale, carves his in even more detailed likenesses than our other favorite Crayon carver, Diem Chau, and adds painted details. And since he is lesser known, his are actually available for purchase at an affordable price. Read more

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Vanhulsteijn Designs 9 Special Edition Japanese Lacquer and Gold Leaf Bikes for Sotheby’s.

The Urushi Bicycle Project

The Urushi Bicycle Project consists of 9 exclusively designed bicycles for Sotheby’s by Herman van Hulsteijn. Sotheby’s approached the Dutch designer after seeing his unusual bikes on the internet with their distinctive curved frame. Herman van Hulsteijn suggested designing a tailor-made bike for them using an ancient process that had intrigued him for years. Read more

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Get A Load Of Artist Nina Mae Fowlers’ Knockers.

Nina Mae Fowler's Knockers

Shoreditch-based artist Nina Mae Fowler’s recent work includes these five black chalk drawings of Golden Era screen legends Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Marlene Deitrich and Lucia Carroll complete with cast brass “knockers”. Read more

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Artistic Animated Alternatives To That Boring Burning Log – Yule Log 2.0.

First off, I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas. To add to your festive day of good cheer, egg nog and annoying relatives, here’s a charming project that encompasses the Holiday Spirit. Read more

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