A Halloween Treat: Villafane Studio’s Phenomenal Pumpkins

Ray Villafane is visionary and patriarch of Phoenix, Arizona’s Villafane Studios, one of whose specialties is carving incredibly impressive, phenomenal pumpkins. They also create jaw-dropping sand sculptures, props and toys. Read more

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The Mirror House Transformed Into A "Fun"ctional Pavilion In Copenhagen by MLRP

The Mirror House in Copenhagen

MLRP of Denmark transformed a somewhat sad existing structure into an inviting reflective pavilion to engage interaction and play. The structure, which is in a public playground in Copenhagen, is now used by kindergarten classes and includes restrooms. Read more

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Storage With Style – Hollo Printed Customizable Decorative Cabinet Options.

Hollo Printed Customizable Decorative Cabinet

Hollo is a storage unit which simply becomes a ‘blank piece of paper’ for international designers and artists who can have fun in transforming it with their own original graphics. Read more

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Chalet Citrine Is A Winter Getaway For Those Who Have Income To Accommodate Good Taste.

Chalet Citrine

Ah, Wintering for the wealthy.
Winter Escape offers luxurious ski chalets in Verbier, Chamonix, Courchevel, Megève, Val d’Isère and Zermatt. Each Chalet is named after a gemstone and all of them are drop dead gorgeous. But the Citrine Chalet (also known as the Chalet L’Hotse) especially caught my eye with its combination indoor swimming pool/cinema (shown above). Read more

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Concrete Audio – Elegant Speakers Made of Cement, Sand and Water.

concrete audio speakers

Concrete Audio is a Loudspeaker factory in Germany whose founders love music. They design and produce unique loudspeaker systems of timeless elegance and impressive dynamics – housed in, you guessed it, concrete. These speaker systems are produced in a limited edition in Germany. Read more

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Six Spooky Halloween Ugly Dolls! Plush Loveable Universal Monsters.

Halloween ugly dolls

Dracula. The Frankenstein Monster. The Bride. The Wolfman. The Creature from the Black Lagoon. The Mummy. Famous Monsters from Universal combined with David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim’s Uglydolls and made into 11 inch tall Gund Plush loveable beasts are the perfect cuddly spooky Halloween item. And frighteningly affordable. Read more

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Environmentally Friendly Foosball With Flair. The 2Eleven Natural Is A Luxury Wooden Version of The Beautiful Game.

2Eleven Natural

The ‘2eleven natural‘ brings the table soccer (or foosball as it’s more commonly called in the U.S.) experience out of bars into the world of design hotels, luxury lofts and VIP lounges of modern soccer stadiums. Made in Germany and environmentally-friendly, the game table is crafted of maple and walnut woods and accented with fine leather and aluminum and can be outfitted with digital or analog monitor screens. Read more

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Artist Will Cotton Styles Elle Fanning Deliciously For New York Magazine

In this collaboration between New York Magazine and artist Will Cotton (which originally ran in the 2013 February issue), actress Elle Fanning is made to look sweeter than she already does. Read more

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One Sick Scent. Austin Young’s Accident Perfume By Brent Leonesio.

Art comes in many forms and scent is yet another wonderfully unique medium that can be used as expression, such is the case with ‘Accident’ Perfume.

above: the new limited edition scent, artist Austin Young and perfumer Brent Leonesio

The Institute for Art and Olfaction is an arts organization hosting educational workshops, a library and experimental projects that use the medium of scent. To help support the crowd-sourced participatory experience and musical: ‘TBD’, the IAO invited perfumer Brent Leonesio to collaborate with the provocateur Austin Young on a limited art edition.

The result? A very unique scent in artful bottles promoted with wild posters.


above: Brent Leonesio, Saskia Wilson-Brown from IAO and Austin Young

For the perfume itself, Brent Leonesio of Smellbent set out to find olfactory beauty in unexpected places. Leonesio describes Accident as ‘the lingering whiff of gasoline on your fingertips that you can’t stop sniffing; the familiar and the strange; the contrast elucidated when exotic floral extracts hold hands with other-worldly aroma chemicals. Accident is a collision of ideas, a harmonic discord.’

Base Notes: Gasoline vapor, Perfume spilled down a bucket seat, Safety glass, A smoking tire, A last minute dab of face powder, The smell of a mechanic.


Austin Young’s ‘Accident’ by Brent Leonesio comes in a black glass stopper bottle that was hand-transformed by Young in keeping with the style he developed through over 30 years of photographic and experiential arts practice. Each of the 40ml hand-assembled bottles are unique and come in a numbered box. They are intended as an art piece, and were created in an edition of 100.

With the help of graphic designer Micah Hahn of AutumnSeventy, the package design and marketing campaigns become tools with which to reexamine the concepts of beauty, glamour, luxury and mass appeal.

above: posters for Accident Featuring models Squeaky Blonde, The Infamous Boom Boom and Tammie Brown

40 mL bottle, Limited Edition of 100 bottles
$150.00 + shipping & sales tax, where applicable

2 mL sample, Limited Edition of 50 samples
$10.00 + shipping & sales tax, where applicable

Accident is available for sale at $150 a bottle online here and here

Concept: Austin Young, Brent Leonesio, Saskia Wilson-Brown for The Institute for Art and Olfaction
Perfume: Brent Leonesio
Model Photography: Austin Young
Bottle Photography: The Institute for Art and Olfaction
Bottle Manufacturing: Austin Young, Brent Leonesio, Saskia Wilson-Brown – based on the visual style of Austin Young
Art Marketing Strategy: Austin Young
Logo & Graphic Design: Micah Hahn at AutumnSeventy
Models: Squeaky Blonde, The Infamous Boom Boom, Tammie Brown
Special Thanks to: Micah Hahn, Lenora Claire, O. Berk Bottles, and the marvelous Addie.

This project was based on and inspired by the visual artwork of artist and provocateur Austin Young and the scent work of perfumer Brent Leonesio. It was a collaboration between Young, Leonesio and Wilson-Brown for The Institute for Art and Olfaction. A special thanks to all of them for information and images.

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