Plywood Bikes, Handlebars and Rack by Dots Design Studio of Thailand.

The Dots Design Studio of Thailand continues to perfect their PLYbike design, now executing their third version of the plywood street bike with a Brooks seat, as well as offering two styles of wood bicycle handlebars and a wooden wall-mounted bike rack.

The latest version of their PLYbike, Version 3:

Bike plans:

Their Wood Handlebars are offered in both a Vintage Style and a Bullhorn style:

Wood Bull Horn Style Handlebars:

Wood Vintage Style Handlebars:

Their Wooden Wall Mount Bike Rack:

Earlier versions of their PLYbike allow you to see the design evolution.

PLYbike, Version 2:

PLYbike, Version 1:

Dots design studio is a full service product design, and combines the knowledge from marketing perspective and design perspective.

The Design studio is comprised of a team of designers, communication designer, interior and strategist, which can have a broader view in any project. Their design approach is mainly focused on experimental process of various materials, such as metal, wood, etc.

They are enthusiastic in pushing materials beyond their limitation both conceptually and functionally in order to achieve their aspiration of creating new design dialect.

Dots Design Studio
33 Pradipat 17 Rd
Samsennai Phayathai,
Bangkok, Thailand 10400

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Gold Balloons and Glass Top Coffee Table. The UP Coffee Table by Duffy London.

Up Coffee Table

Duffy London design studio introduces the UP Coffee Table, a whimsical table with glass table top held up by gold glass and metal resin composite ‘balloons’ with steel rods as the ‘balloon strings’ and doubling as support. Read more

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The Paintings and Works On Paper of Mark Bradley-Shoup.

above: Mark Bradley-Shoup, Summer Gray Gas Station in Patine Blue

There’s something about Mark Bradley-Shoup’s work that I find really appealing and it’s no wonder. His representational works on paper, abstract paintings and mixed media works each have elements that remind me of four of my favorites artists; Richard Diebenkorn’s landscapes and abstracts, Ed Ruscha’s Standard Oil gas station studies and prints, Wayne Thiebaud’s composition and painterly style and Robert Rauschenberg’s collages. Read more

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A Close-Up Look At The 85 Years of Oscar Poster By Olly Moss and A List Of The Movies It References.

85 Years of Oscar Poster By Olly Moss

One of my favorite graphic designers, Olly Moss, worked with The Academy and Gallery 1988 to create the official “85 Years of Oscars” poster for the 85th Academy Awards. Read more

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13 Edward Hopper Paintings Are Recreated As Sets For Indie Film ‘Shirley – Visions of Reality.’

edward-hopperpaintings and Shirley sets IIHIH
above left: original paintings by Edward Hopper and above right, the set designs for Shirley – Visions of Reality.

Director Gustav Deutsch brings 13 Hopper paintings to life in his film, Shirley – Visions of Reality, the story of a woman whose thoughts, emotions and contemplations lets us observe an era in American history. Read more

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My Picks For The 20 Fugliest Red Carpet Oscar Dresses Of All Time.

above: Sally Kirkland never fails to wear some sort of monstrosity to the Oscars

As I watch today’s Red Carpet for the 85th Oscars, I’ve decided I have to share with you the absolute most hideous dresses from the past – in no particular order. Several sites and blogs feature the ugliest dresses ever worn to the Oscars, but, as is typical, I disagree with many of them. So, I’ve decided to post my own pics of what I feel are the 20 most hideous frocks ever worn to the Academy Awards. Read more

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New Crushed Porcelain Cups, Tumblers, Containers and Champagne Buckets from Revol of France.

Revol Froissés Crumpled Porcelain Collection

French porcelain culinary cookware brand Revol’s Froissés Collection is a collection of wrinkled or crumpled porcelain espresso cups, coffee cups, water goblets, utensil holders, vases, champagne buckets and cookware that come in various shiny, matte and colored glazes. Read more

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Photographer Amy Friend Brings Light, Romance And Mysticism To Vintage Photos in ‘Dare Alle Luce.’

Dare alla Luce by Amy Friend

In her series, Dare alla Luce, photographer Amy Friend alters vintage images by deliberately allowing light to pass through them. Amy says the project aims to return the photographs, and indeed the souls of the subjects, to the atmosphere. Read more

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