Pantone Chopstix and Hangers? The Mood Food Collection and More New Products by Room Copenhagen for Pantone Universe.

pantone mood food collection

As the Pantone Universe product lines continue to grow, more options for color lovers permeate the marketplace. In partnership with Pantone, Room Copenhagen has developed a new collection of colorful products, The Mood Food Collection. The new items are for food prep, food service and home organization. Read more

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The Largest Portrait Ever On Dutch Soil – Created To Promote Women’s Rights.

The latest project by urban land artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada is best seen from the air, like much of his work. Created to raise awareness for the oldest International Women’s fund, the soil portrait measures 125 by 170 meters larger than a football field and incorporated no less than 8 km rope, 7 tons of straw, 150 cubic meter of soil, 300 cubic meters of sand and 1150 wooden poles.

Mama Cash asked Rodriguez-Gerada to create a large scale art piece in Amsterdam on International Human Rights Day – Dec. 10, 2012 – to bring attention to their latest campaign, “Open Your Eyes,” to raise awareness about Mesoamerican women who defend human rights.

The press release:
Groundbreaking launch of the Vogelvrije Vrouwen* women human rights’ defenders campaign (Amsterdam)

Internationally renowned urban and terrestrial artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada has come to Amsterdam (Zuiderzeedijk) to create a huge land portrait, made of fertile soil, spanning almost two football fields, to launch the campaign Vogelvrije Vrouwen – Defend women who defend human rights!, an initiative in support of women human rights defenders in Mesoamerica.

The portrait – the largest ever on Dutch soil – shows a fragment of the face of an anonymous MesoAmerican woman human rights activist. It was commissioned by feminist foundation Mama Cash and created in one week with the help of 80 volunteers by Cuban American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. Rodriguez-Gerada is known for his spectacular temporary urban art projects all over the world.

The portrait measures 125 by 170 meters larger than a football field. There were no less than 8 km rope, 7 tons of straw, 150 cubic meter of soil, 300 cubic meters of sand and 1150 wooden poles needed to make the portrait. The contours will slowly fade under the influence of wind and weather.

Making of Images:

to see more photos of the process, go here.

* The phrase Vogelvrije Vrouwen in Dutch has deep literal and figurative meaning. ‘Vogelvrije’ literally means ‘free as a bird’ but also has the connotation of a person who is outside the boundaries of the legal system, someone who is not protected by the law. ‘Vrouwen’ means ‘women’, thus the campaign slogan, Vogelvrije Vrouwen, sheds light on the women whose struggles for justice and freedom are threatened by institutionalised impunity.

About the Vogelvrije Vrouwen campaign:
International women’s fund Mama Cash and the Mesoamerican Initiative for Women Human Rights Defenders are launching the Vogelvrije Vrouwen campaign – Defend women who defend human rights! to call attention to the violent situation faced by women human rights defenders in the Mesoamerican region. The project is funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery. It is difficult to imagine living in a context where violence is ‘normal’, where criminality and corruption are rampant, and where the government does little to protect you and where people risk their lives by daring to denounce violence, criminality and the violation of human rights. But this is the daily reality in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Dozens of women’s rights activists are murdered there each year. And others are threatened and raped, their houses set on fire and their families terrorised.

During the coming year, the Vogelvrije Vrouwen campaign ( will give visibility to the imperative work being done by Mesoamerican women’s rights activists. The campaign will provide the Dutch public with petitions and other means to put pressure on the Dutch government and governments in the Mesoamerican region to make the defense of women human rights activists a priority. This campaign is made possible by a grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

images courtesy of  Vogelvrije Vrouwen and Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

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Kama Sutra Cookies, Cookie Cutters and Lovesick Recipes

These gingerbread cookies are probably not what your grandmother made for the holiday season, unless you’ve got a very liberal granny. Designed by Swedish company Pipparkakan, the Kama Sutra cookie cutters were actually made way back in 2007 and were featured on Gizmodo, and lots of other gadget and nerd sites. But I never saw a finished product until Taxi posted the pic shown above. Read more

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The Longest House Ever Built. 150 M Weekend House With Swimming Pool in Thailand by Shinichi Ogawa and Associates.

This linear reinforced concrete home by Shinichi Ogawa and Associates measures 150 meters in length, presumably the longest house ever built.  The main house is simply composed of a white cube and 2 horizontal plates of 11m wide by 150m long. Read more

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What The Top Luxury Brands Did (Or Didn’t Do) To Wish Customers A Happy Holiday.


What did the top Luxury brands do this year to connect with their fans, engage their consumers and wish them a happy holiday season?  Well, I’m going to show you some of the luxury brand Christmas campaigns. Read more

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A Talented Boston Terrier Balances 25 Days Of Christmas On His Head.

25 Days of Things on Turbo's Head

Director Dj Cosgrove and wife Amber originally hail from Columbus, Ohio and now live in Los Angeles along with their adorable and talented Boston Terrier, Turbo. Read more

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From Pac Man To Porcelain, Five of The Most Spectacular and Unusual Christmas Trees From All Over The World.

Unusual Christmas Trees From All Over The World

Here’s a close look at some of the world’s most unusual public Christmas Trees – from Italian Glass to German Beer. Read more

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